What are the chances of therapeutic success? | Therapy of ADHS

What are the chances of therapeutic success?

With the right treatment, the therapeutic chances of success are very high. Due to the many different therapeutic options, there is a method for almost every patient that helps him or her to cope with the symptoms and improves the prognosis. So if one therapy does not show any success, another type of treatment should be tried until an improvement in appearance is achieved.

A single doctor cannot be a specialist in all available therapeutic approaches, so treatment by a team of different specialists will have better results. The optimal treatment tailored to the individual patient is complex and must be adjusted regularly. Unfortunately, there are still many patients who take medication despite massive side effects or complete training sessions without sufficient effect.

However, the cooperation of the patient and his or her environment is also extremely important for the therapy. Not every training session is fun and shows immediate effect, which is why the implementation of long-term behavioural changes is not easy. The right treatment approach and the motivation of the patient are therefore crucial for the success of a therapy.

Who bears the costs for the therapy?

Most therapies by a licensed doctor or psychotherapist are paid for by the health insurance company. Some forms of treatment, such as various behavioural training courses, must be agreed with the insurance company in advance to ensure that the costs are covered. However, experimental approaches and some homeopathic measures are not covered, depending on the insurance company, and must be paid for by the patient.