What are the costs? | Slimming with salts

What are the costs?

Compared to other slimming cures, slimming with Salts is rather one of the cheaper methods. Nevertheless, a pack of tablets usually costs 5 to 10 Euros, and for a cure you need at least three different ones.

salts and hypothyroidism – does it work?

A hypothyroidism does not represent a contraindication for the intake of Schuessler salts, on the contrary, certain salts are even suggested for the therapy of this clinical picture. Especially salts No. 7, 13, 14 and 15 are said to be particularly suitable for this purpose.

In the case of a medically diagnosed hypothyroidism, however, special caution should be exercised in the independent therapy, as thyroid hormones play a central role in the human metabolism. An insufficient adjustment of an underactive thyroid could then be accompanied by symptoms such as listlessness, increased sensitivity to cold, fatigue, hair loss, constipation and even weight gain.