What can be done about drooping eyebrows? | Eyebrows fall out

What can be done about drooping eyebrows?

Not every eyebrow loss needs medical treatment. Losing a few eyebrow hairs is in principle not serious and is normal within certain limits. However, if the loss of eyebrows lasts for a longer period of time, if there are accompanying symptoms and if there are even bald spots on the eyebrows, this should be observed.

For example, one’s own diet should be questioned and adjusted if necessary. A balanced diet with sufficient vitamins and minerals can remedy eyebrow loss caused by deficiency symptoms. Cosmetics and shampoos to which the eyebrows are sensitive should be identified and avoided.

If the skin is very dry, in some cases some sesame or almond oil can support the skin and thus the growth of the eyebrows. If it is not possible to find and eliminate the cause yourself, a visit to a doctor is advisable. Depending on the cause, certain measures and medication, if necessary a homeopathic treatment can be supportive and helpful.

If the cause is unknown, it is not advisable to buy expensive products that promise relief, but may cause more harm than good. Beautiful, thick eyebrows are a dream of every woman. In the following article you can read how you can accelerate the growth of your eyebrows: Eyebrow GrowthWhen eyebrows fail, some people find homeopathic treatment supportive.

The treatment should be supervised by a specialist. It does not replace conventional medical treatment. Depending on the symptoms, different substances can be used.

If poisoning has caused eyebrow loss, thallium can be used. If the loss of eyebrows is accompanied by skin changes in the sense of weeping and red skin as well as itchy pain, sulphur is recommended. In emaciated women with eyebrow loss, the intake of alumina may be supportive.

In case of eyebrow loss in combination with dandruff and itching, Natrium chloratum may be advisable in some cases. If a burning pain occurs instead of itching, Arsenicum album is recommended. The choice of homeopathic remedies should not only be based on the physical complaints, but also, for example, take into account factors that aggravate or improve the complaints. As a rule, the above-mentioned substances are used in potencies from D6 to D12. Usually 5 globules 3 times a day or 5-20 drops 3 times a day or one tablet a day, are recommended

Eyebrow loss in men

The special hair loss in men, which can also affect eyebrow hair, is not due to the hormone testosterone, according to the latest studies. In mid-April 2017, the University Medical Center Greifswald reported studies that prove this. In 373 male participants no connection between the so-called sex hormone testosterone or androstendione and hair loss could be found.

The cause of male hair loss is still unclear. Connections to a secondary product of testosterone, the hormone dihydrotesterone, are discussed. Furthermore, the defective regulation of the so-called tissue hormone prostaglandin D2 could trigger eyebrow hair loss in men. But this is still controversially discussed and intensively researched.