What does it cost to have your eyes lasered? | Laser eye

What does it cost to have your eyes lasered?

The cost of an eye laser varies depending on which eye clinic you choose. They range between approx. 800-3000 euros per eye depending on the therapy chosen.

Statutory health insurance companies usually do not cover laser eye therapy, since laser eye surgery is a purely aesthetic procedure. The costs can be covered in exceptional cases, such as injuries caused by an accident. In contrast, some private insurance companies cover the costs partially or completely.

This depends on the individually concluded service package and can be inquired about with the insurance company. Laser eye surgery is tax deductible. It is classified by the tax authorities as a recognized treatment. No medical certificate is required, a doctor’s bill is sufficient.

What are the risks and side effects?

Nowadays, an eye laser is considered a very safe procedure, provided that the patient follows the ophthalmologist‘s instructions after the treatment and the hygiene guidelines are observed during the operation. However, temporary and permanent impairments can occur after the operation. These temporary risks can occur after eye laser surgery: increased sensitivity to light foreign body sensation dry eyes restriction of night vision blurred vision post-operative halos (seeing halos) wound healing disorders wound infections These permanent impairments can occur after eye laser surgery: increased sensitivity to glare loss of contrast vision under- or over-correction of vision (very rarely) increased risk of keratectasia (protrusion of the cornea) permanent dryness of the eyes Mouches volantes

  • Increased photosensitivity
  • Foreign body sensation Fremdkörpergefu
  • Dry eyes
  • Night vision limitation
  • Blurred vision post-op
  • Halos (seeing halos)
  • Wound healing disordersen
  • Wound infections
  • Increased glare sensitivity
  • Loss of contrast vision
  • Under- or over-correction of the eyesight (very rare)
  • Increased risk of keratectasia (protrusion of the cornea)
  • Permanent dryness of the eyes
  • Floaters

How many diopters can be corrected?

In laser surgery, there is no uniform dioptre number up to which an operation can be performed. It also depends on the type of therapy. Patients with dioptres of about -10 to +6 can be considered for laser therapy. Ask your ophthalmologist and have yourself examined before.

How long does a laser treatment take?

A laser treatment of the eyes takes about 5-15 minutes per eye. This depends on the treatment method. You can leave the eye clinic half an hour to an hour after the operation.

Does laser treatment hurt?

Before the operation, the patient is administered eye drops which locally anaesthetize the eyes so that no pain occurs during the operation. There should be no pain in the eyes after the eye laser surgery. However, there is often a foreign body sensation in the eye after the operation, blurred vision and dry and irritated eyes. The symptoms should subside after a few days. If you have severe pain after the operation, you should consult an ophthalmologist immediately.