What is the connection between depression and ADHD? | ADS – The Attention Deficit Disorder – Syndrome

What is the connection between depression and ADHD?

As a result of poor performance and social problems, many ADHD patients experience failures and disappointments in childhood, which they attribute to themselves. If their special talents are not promoted and the handling of their attention disorder is not learned, the self-esteem of most of the affected persons suffers enormously. The above-average incidence of depression in ADD patients is therefore not surprising. The exact figures vary depending on the study, but it can be assumed that at least every 5th ADS patient has gone through at least one depressive phase.

What is the connection between giftedness and ADHD?

The data on the frequency of giftedness combined with ADHD or ADD is unclear. However, it is certain that both conditions make diagnosis difficult, i.e. either giftedness or ADHD is often not recognized. Since people with high intelligence perceive their attention disorder much more clearly, they usually suffer from it more than others. Highly gifted ADD patients are therefore under enormous pressure of suffering and have a higher risk of accompanying psychological problems.

What is the connection between alcohol and ADHD?

Addictive behavior is a major problem in related ADHD. Nicotine and alcohol are at the top of the list. However, since impulsiveness in particular can be regarded as a trigger for harmful behaviour, the frequency of nicotine and alcohol abuse in pure ADHD is estimated to be less high, but the study situation is poor. How high the risk is for the individual to develop alcoholism therefore probably depends on the individual psychological state of mind and the psychological pressure caused by the symptoms.

What effects can ADS have on a partnership?

People with ADS find it more difficult to have interpersonal relationships. It is not easy for them to listen attentively and react appropriately to their counterpart. In addition, they quickly feel misunderstood and often meet with rejection.

The problem is therefore communication, which is difficult in an ADHD relationship. For both partners there are different therapy options in which they learn to respond to the other and to make their needs understandable.