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What is to be thought of the anti-aging concept from a medical point of view?

The aging process is a natural biological process that cannot be stopped, as is so often hoped. All you can do is delay the aging process. Therefore it is best to start as early as possible.

The most important point to start with is your lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle not only delays the ageing process, but also reduces the risk of contracting diseases in old age. A healthy lifestyle is multifactorial and includes nutrition, physical activities, sleep and psyche.

If these aspects are in harmony, then we speak of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Anti aging is therefore most effective the earlier it is started. Because once the aging process has already begun, it is more difficult to slow it down.

However, it is never too late to change your lifestyle to a healthy one. However, the effect on ageing and the diseases associated with it decreases the later in life this change takes place. Anti aging products for the skin, such as creams, serums, masks and cures do have an effect on skin aging, otherwise they would not be allowed to be sold, but this effect is very small.

This is because many substances cannot penetrate into the deep layers of the skin where they are needed. On the skin surface they lead to a smooth, even skin appearance, but this is only temporary. An actual reduction of wrinkles can only be achieved by a few millimetres with these anti-aging products. It is therefore all the more important to strengthen the body’s own metabolic processes by providing a sufficient supply of vitamins. Because what enters the body has a much stronger effect.


The search for the Fountain of Youth already began around 1513, as the ageing process was already connected with it. However, there were no effective anti-aging products, wellness cures or optimal medical care as there are today. Rather, the mythological idea was widespread that somewhere in the world there must be a remedy that gives eternal youthful beauty and strength.

This was one of the reasons why a whole expedition under the command of the Spanish captain Juan Ponce de Léon set out in 1513 to search for the island of Bimini. According to Indian legends, the spring here was supposed to be in the form of a well, whose miracle water was supposed to keep its youthfulness forever. But the fountain of youth was not discovered.

But Florida did. Since then, people have continuously worked on reversing or at least slowing down the aging process. – Toil

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