What’s a labial abscess? | Lip abscess

What’s a labial abscess?

The labial frenulum is the membrane that connects the front of the jaw with the lips. An abscess can also form here, for example as a result of a small crack or scratch from pointed food. The cause of an abscess on the labial frenulum can also be a newly pierced and not properly healed piercing or an inflammation nearby, for example on a tooth.

The constant stress of talking and eating has a strong slowing effect on the healing process, and the surrounding tissue, which is already sensitized by the inflammatory reaction, is constantly irritated. This can become very unpleasant and painful. Especially at the upper labial frenulum there is also the danger of spreading via the blood vessels into the interior of the skull and thus of a brain abscess.

Therefore caution is advised – especially if the abscess remains for longer than a week, a doctor should be consulted to monitor the abscess and cut it open if necessary. The abscess should not be confused with the aphtae, which is an infection with herpes viruses in the mouth. An aphtae runs unevenly and can be felt in the mouth with the tongue as an open spot. Although it is painful, it is usually completely harmless and heals independently within a week.