What to do about hunger when losing weight? | Losing weight without hunger

What to do about hunger when losing weight?

The simplest and most effective tip to fight hunger while losing weight is: Water! Drinking a lot is the key in this case. Very often we confuse the feeling of thirst with hunger and eat, although we should actually drink more.

Black coffee or unsweetened tea, which are not an additional calorie intake, are also good for replenishing (or keeping full) the body’s fluid balance and counteracting the feeling of hunger. Some people also report that it helps them to smell coffee beans, mint or other herbs. There is probably also a mechanism behind this, which is quite similar to the one that works when brushing your teeth.

But a classic placebo effect cannot be ruled out here either. Nevertheless, it may be helpful to develop your own little ritual against feelings of hunger when losing weight, distraction alone often helps. In many cases we eat merely out of boredom.

Everyone can certainly remember a day or an activity that was so exciting that the whole day was “forgotten” to eat. When we are highly concentrated on something, be it private or professional, and are really absorbed in our task, our body only reminds us of the empty stomach with stomach growls the moment it can’t be helped. But it shouldn’t be too much of a distraction either: stress and too little relaxation lead many people to compensate for the tension by eating. If you don’t want to be tempted to reach for cookies or other “nerve food” in stressful situations, you should always be aware of which stress factors are currently relevant and regularly take time to relax and learn special relaxation techniques if necessary.

Can I lose weight without being hungry?

Now that much has been said about diets and their consequences and the suppression of hunger, the final question is: “What is the point of it all? Isn’t it possible to lose weight without hunger? This might also interest you: Losing weight with Schuessler salts Of course it is possible!

It is not only the most pleasant (because hunger-free) method to lose weight, but also the healthiest. For overweight patients, doctors usually do not recommend a diet for weight reduction but a permanent change of diet. Unfortunately, this is not the fastest way to lose weight, but this is exactly what its medical advantage is!

No short-term, strenuous diet should bring the hoped-for success, but a permanent (in the best case, lifelong) mixture of good, healthy food and physical activity. With the goal of weight reduction, care should be taken to choose foods with a so-called low energy density. These are foods such as tomatoes or cucumbers that fill a large volume with relatively few calories.

Without consuming too much energy, one can consume relatively large quantities of these foods, which will fill the stomach and thus satiate it. Soups have a similar effect – unless they are made into dishes with a higher calorie content with the help of bacon, cheese and/or cream.