When not to stretch | Achilles tendon stretch

When not to stretch

It is not always advisable to stretch the tendon when symptoms occur in the area of the tendon. In some cases, stretching the tendon can even seriously impair the healing process. In general, stretching exercises should not be performed if pain occurs during stretching.

In this case it is certainly advisable to consult a doctor who can determine the reason for the pain and discuss individual therapy options. Even after an operation on the tendon, stretching should not take place initially. After a rupture of the Achilles tendon, it must be treated surgically and sutured.

Only when the tendon has had enough time to heal adequately, stretching exercises can be useful for remobilisation. Exactly when stretching should be started can be clarified individually with the treating doctor. This is usually recommended after about 10-12 weeks after the operation.