When should asthma inhalers not be given? | Asthma inhaler – You should pay attention to this!

When should asthma inhalers not be given?

With correct use and dosage and with treatment prescribed by a doctor, there are rarely reasons why an asthma inhaler should not be given. In some patients, the use of an asthma spray can cause intolerance reactions or even an allergic reaction. If this is the case, the asthma inhaler should no longer be used and the attending physician should be consulted about switching to another preparation. In addition, the common side effects with regard to any other diseases that may be present and the tolerance development with beta2 sympathomimetics should be kept in mind.

Alternatives to an asthma spray

The asthma disease can be treated with different methods. These have different effects depending on the stage and severity of the disease. The use of asthma sprays is certainly the most important, but the symptoms can also be alleviated by breathing exercises and asthma sports. In the most pronounced stage of asthma, so-called biologicals (e.g. Omalizumab) can be used therapeutically, which are taken in the form of tablets.

Dosage of the asthma spray

The dosage of an asthma spray depends on the preparation and the therapy level (i.e. the severity of the asthma and the correspondingly announced therapy). Salbutamol, for example, is given in the form of two strokes (i.e. two sprays) during an acute attack. However, more than ten strokes per day should be avoided. Budesonide, on the other hand, is available in preparations with varying numbers of milligram strengths. The normal dose here is 0.2-0.4 mg for mild asthma and can be increased to 0.8 mg a day.

Can you stop an asthma spray immediately?

Many asthma sprays are designed for long-term therapy and only develop their full effect after a certain period of use, as the level of the active substance in the body is only then high enough. Accordingly, it is important for an adequate effect of the asthma spray in long-term therapy that it is used regularly. It is therefore not recommended that you suddenly stop using the asthma spray yourself. Especially when using asthma sprays with cortisone, a slow reduction of the dose is always recommended first. If the asthma inhaler causes side effects, the doctor treating the patient should always be contacted so that they can jointly consider switching to another asthma inhaler instead of simply discontinuing it.

Price of an asthma spray

The price of an asthma spray depends strongly on the active ingredient and the manufacturer. Most asthma sprays start at a price of around 5-10 euros, although the price can go up as high as you like. There are, for example, asthma sprays that cost 50 euros, where you can search for the active ingredient directly and then take a preparation from another manufacturer. If in doubt, it is always advisable to seek advice in the pharmacy.