Which factors influence the wake-up time? | Recovery time after general anaesthesia

Which factors influence the wake-up time?

The wake-up time depends on many factors. These include individual factors such as the rate at which the anaesthetics are broken down in the liver and kidneys and the general physical condition. Another variable is the type of anaesthesia, as the same drugs cannot be used for every patient and every operation. Some anaesthetic medications are available in the body for longer and therefore also prolong the recovery time. Furthermore, previous illnesses and the type and size of the operation are also decisive for the recovery time.

Wake-up time after a caesarean section

In most cases, a caesarean section is not performed under general anaesthesia, but under spinal anaesthesia. Should a general anaesthetic still be necessary, the recovery time is about one to two hours, similar to other operations. A longer wake-up time can be caused by an emergency C-section, as there is no time for long explanatory talks and therefore the anaesthesia cannot be optimally adjusted to the individual. After such an anaesthetic, the affected women are often weak and tired for the rest of the day.