Which interactions are possible when taking acyclovir? | Aiclovir eye ointment

Which interactions are possible when taking acyclovir?

Interactions can occur if several drugs are taken at the same time. This can alter effects and side effects. There can also be interactions between medicines and other substances such as alcohol.

When using Aciclovir eye ointment, only a very small amount of the active substance enters the bloodstream, so that interactions are virtually impossible. However, when treating with other eye ointments or drops at the same time, there should be at least 15 minutes between them, with Aciclovir eye ointment being the last to be used. In principle, the doctor should always be informed about all medications you are taking, even if they were purchased over the counter.

What should you consider when taking acyclovir?

When using Aciclovir eye ointment, it should be noted that due to its fatty ingredients, temporary impairment of vision may occur. For this reason, particular care should be taken when operating machines, working without a secure footing and in road traffic. Anyone with impaired vision should therefore not participate in road traffic if necessary. In addition, the ability to react can be impaired even when used as intended. Furthermore, when using Aciclovir eye ointment, it should be noted that contact lens wearers should not use the contact lenses for the duration of the application.

When should Aciclovir not be used?

A clear contraindication is hypersensitivity to the ingredients. Since the ointment contains only Vaseline in addition to the active ingredient Aciclovir, allergic or hypersensitivity reactions are not to be expected. A slight burning sensation after application, which lasts only a few minutes at most, is not unusual and should not be interpreted as a contraindication. In addition, Aciclovir eye ointment should not be given for eye diseases which are not caused by a herpes virus, such as bacterial conjunctivitis.

The dosage of Aciclovir

The dosage of Aciclovir eye ointment depends on the individual amount to be used as well as the interval and frequency of application. Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor, an approximately 1 cm long strand is inserted into the conjunctival sac of the eye five times a day at intervals of four hours. If both eyes are diseased, it is applied on both sides.

The dosage information is identical for all age groups. The dosage of the active ingredient acyclovir in the eye ointment is usually 30 milligrams per gram. How long you can and should use Aciclovir eye ointment is determined by the doctor who prescribes the medication.

In order to ensure the fastest possible healing process, treatment of the inflammation in the eye should be started as early as possible. As a rule, the medication should be used until the inflammation has completely healed and for three days after that. Since the healing process cannot usually be predicted exactly and also depends very much on the correct and regular use of the Aciclovir eye ointment, a control examination should be carried out after about two weeks, during which the doctor determines the further duration of the application.