White Tea | Slimming with tea

White Tea

White tea has a very mild taste and takes its name from the white fluff surrounding the fresh unopened tea buds. White tea contains a lot of polyphenols and counteracts free radicals in the body cells, thus protecting the cell metabolism from destruction. This tea therefore protects our tissue from destruction, degeneration and premature aging.

It has been proven that white tea has a positive effect on the breakdown of fat cells and thereby inhibits the formation of new fat cells. It contains vitamin C, EGCG and caffeine, which boost the metabolism. Saponins inhibit the absorption of fat in the intestines, manganese helps to keep connective tissue firm and bitter substances also help against ravenous hunger attacks. White tea is therefore particularly suitable as a slimming tea.

Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is a noble variant of green tea. The Matcha powder comes from ground leaves of certain green tea varieties (Tencha) and is traditionally poured over 80 degrees hot water and whipped with a bamboo broom. You can buy ready-to-use powder in drugstores and supermarkets, which is of course less complicated to prepare.

Matcha tea is considered “super food” and trendy because it contains a special combination of caffeine and catechins. On the one hand, less fat is absorbed from food in the gastrointestinal tract so that blood lipids are reduced and fewer calories are absorbed. On the other hand, the catechins, in the form of so-called thermogenesis, significantly boost the metabolism, so that the basal metabolic rate increases.

Calories consumed with food are burned more quickly and weight loss is effectively supported. Although Matcha tea contains less bitter substances than classic green tea, it is still sufficiently concentrated to counteract the desire for sweets. This makes Matcha tea an effective tea for losing weight and at the same time counteracts cravings. Furthermore, the caffeine has an invigorating effect.

Can I purify with it?

Purifying or draining works especially well with teas. Famous for this is nettle tea, which has a strong dehydrating effect. Birch leaf tea also purifies the tissue.

To achieve a purifying effect, a cup of dehydrating tea should be drunk half an hour before each main meal. Matcha tea and yogi tea are said to have a blood pressure regulating effect and thus influence the water balance of the body. In order to detoxify very quickly and very effectively, a detoxification cure is best suited in which only herbal teas, vegetable broths and fruit juices are consumed. Another way to detoxify the body is the water diet. This boosts the metabolism and the desired results are achieved soon.

Slimming with tea and rusk

A diet of rusks is often inevitable in cases of gastrointestinal diseases. Rusk with tea can help you lose weight very quickly and without a complicated diet plan. Rusk satiates very quickly in small quantities.

In this diet, rusk is often eaten with sour cream and fruit is also consumed. This lightning diet requires a lot of herbal teas, fruit teas and water to be drunk. Only 800 calories should be supplied to the body per day.

Rusk and tea are cheap to buy, the diet plan is easy to follow and the preparation requires very little effort. As this tea and rusk diet is very one-sided, it should only be carried out for a few days, but in return this diet promises rapid weight loss without hunger. However, there is a risk of the dreaded yoyo effect as soon as the diet falls back into old patterns. Those who really want to lose weight in the long term should change their diet and opt for a nutrient-rich diet.