Who bears the costs for the therapy? | The therapy of ADS

Who bears the costs for the therapy?

The usual treatment measures such as medication or physiotherapy are standard services provided by health insurance companies. Some special services are also covered by the insurance companies if the doctor gives a detailed explanation. However, alternative and completely new procedures are usually paid for by the patient himself.

How does the therapy for children differ from that for adults?

The appearance of ADS changes over the years. In children, attention and concentration disorders are the main focus of attention, as they can disrupt school performance and mental development. The optimal therapy for children with ADHD is therefore the management of these problems by means of behavioural and concentration training together with psychological care in order to avoid accompanying psychological problems later on.

These then become the focus of therapy in adulthood. Most adult sufferers develop compensation strategies for the actual ADHD symptoms, but suffer from low self-esteem and have an increased risk of depression and other mental illnesses. These patients therefore benefit above all from psycho/behavioural therapy and alternative options to increase their well-being and self-efficacy.