Who wouldn’t do aqua fitness? | Aquafitness

Who wouldn’t do aqua fitness?

For healthy people it is no problem to attend aquafitness courses. In case of any kind of illness, a doctor should always be consulted before attending an aquafitness course, so that possible risks can be excluded. Especially patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases should definitely talk to their doctor before starting aquafitness.

This is especially necessary due to the increased pressure caused by the water. The cardiovascular system has to fight against the external pressure and is therefore more loaded than in the air. Depending on the type of illness and only after consultation with your doctor can aquafitness be performed.

If the risk of worsening is too high, aquafitness should be avoided. A general cardiac insufficiency, severe cardiac arrhythmia, very high blood pressure or pain radiating from the chest to the arms (angina pectoris) can prevent a visit to the swimming pool. External illnesses such as open wounds and skin diseases should first be completely cured before taking part in an aqua fitness course.

In the water, wounds can become infected and worsen. Inflammation can become established and severely disturb the healing process. Epilepsy and severe asthma are other diseases, so participation in aquafitness is not recommended.

What are the costs for aquafitness?

The costs for aqua fitness can vary greatly. Special offers and trial offers are to try out the cheap variant Aquafitness at least once. In general, the costs depend strongly on the region and provider.

There are also different variants of aquafitness, which are characterized by different prices. The classic aqua jogging costs participants between 35 and 65 euros for ten units. Other courses take a little longer than aqua jogging and are correspondingly more expensive. For example, an aqua-riding course can cost between 50 and 100 euros. Aquafitness can also be prescribed by a doctor as a rehabilitation measure and is therefore covered by health insurance.

Where can I do aquafitness?

Aquafitness can be offered by various organizations. Water sports can be done in hospitals and rehabilitation centres as a service provided by the health insurance companies or at your own expense. Nowadays, however, there are more and more providers who also specialise in this sport. Various fitness studios and especially swimming pools and thermal baths are other places where you can book and attend aqua fitness courses. The many providers also provide accordingly moderate costs, as the market is very competitive.

What equipment do I need for aquafitness?

Normally you do not have to buy the equipment for aqua fitness yourself. If you want to conduct the courses at a club, swimming pool or similar facilities, you can assume that the providers have the appropriate tools and equipment. However, there are also providers that do not provide equipment and the participants are encouraged to get their own equipment with which they can also do the exercises in their free time.

The choice of equipment is now very large and varied. Aqua-Discs are actually used in every aquafitness course and increase the resistance when moving in the water, so that a good training stimulus can be set. The situation is similar with the aqua dumbbells.

These work more with the weight of the dumbbell than with the resistance due to a larger surface. The Swim Noodle is already a classic among the water equipment for aquafitness. Other equipment and aids for training are: With these tools and equipment the training can be built up much more effectively. – elastic bands

  • Fins
  • Weights of other types
  • Weight bands
  • Floats
  • Swimming Belt