Wild Oat /Wood Trespe | Bach Flowers for children – in case of uncertainty

Wild Oat /Wood Trespe

This blossom does not play a role in small children. However, as soon as decisions have to be made on which the further course of life depends, i.e. at the age of about 14 years, one can think about the use of Wild Oat. Exactly then, when the youngsters have to make decisions such as career choice, choice of partner, moving out of their homes and many more, and feel insecure and incapable.

An inner dissatisfaction arises because the goals are unclear and the life task is not found. Often these young people have many talents, are ambitious and want to achieve something special. There is a tendency to quickly break off what they have started because it becomes uninteresting.

This constant new beginning makes them appear fickle and fickle. A firm bond and the founding of a family are usually not realized. Later, one has the feeling of having missed something and the fact that some things cannot be made up for leads to depression.

It is not uncommon for these people to have several professions as adults and still not be able to find their life’s work. Wild Oat Blossom helps young people to develop their goals and work towards them. This increases inner satisfaction and clarity. Young people who need Wild Oat must learn to live more deeply and less broadly.

Where are Bach flower essences available?

In Germany you can buy the 38 Bach Flowers in stock bottles, the so-called stock bottles, either individually or as a set in the pharmacy. Mixtures are also available on request in some pharmacies. In England, Bach flower essences are sold in drugstores.

The stock bottles have a long shelf life and should be stored in a place protected from light at normal room temperature. Short-term use for acute illnesses or states of mind: In acute cases where the child’s moods and behaviour can change rapidly, the so-called water glass method is recommended: 2 drops of the selected flower essences are added to a glass (0.2l) of tap water. A small sip of each is given within 2 to 3 hours.

Longer application from the bottle: You need a brown 30ml bottle with pipette or dropper, available in every pharmacy, still water (not distilled water), the selected Bach flower, fruit vinegar. Drop 4 drops each of one or more selected Bach flowers (available as stock bottles, available without prescription in every pharmacy) into the bottle, fill up to three quarters with fresh water, the rest with fruit vinegar. Four drops of this vinegar are given four times a day, spread over the day, preferably on an empty stomach.

Do not use a metal spoon. Leave the mixture in your mouth for a while to develop its full effect. The mixture will remain in the brown bottle for a maximum of three to four weeks and must then be renewed.

Duration of the treatment: The duration of the treatment depends on the situation and state of health of the child. In acute conditions, improvement can often be seen very quickly. Experience has shown that in the case of more serious problems that have existed for a longer period of time, it takes considerably longer – sometimes several weeks – until a clear positive change in the child’s condition can be observed.

After three to four weeks, a balance must always be taken and, if necessary, the mixture must be discontinued or its composition changed. Children often have a very good sense of what they need or do not need. It may be that the child stops taking the flower mixture on its own, refuses to take it or forgets to take it.

Parents should accept this fact and not force the intake. No effect after a longer period of time: If after a few weeks there is not the slightest change in the child’s behaviour, this can have various causes. Of course the mixture may not be the right one.

Check again and if necessary consult an experienced practitioner. Sometimes the parents expect too much from the therapy. Bach Flowers cause only small changes that are sometimes difficult to notice.

The behaviour of children often originates from the family situation. Parents and siblings should then also be prepared to change something in their interaction with each other. Here too, Bach Flowers can provide support.

Uncertainty in the selection of flowers: If no flower is found that fits the child, one must first assume that the child does not need treatment. If you find too many suitable flowers (more than 8 to 9) you must first know the behaviour that has been observed in the child for a long time and also those that have only recently been added. Treatment is started with the flowers that match the current behaviour.

Take your time when selecting the flowers, observe your child carefully for a while. Basically, Bach flowers should not be taken constantly. The flower essences are harmless, but the continuous intake of drops can cause the children to feel that they have to take something constantly to feel good.

This can also lead to dependency on other substances that may not be so harmless. As soon as one has the feeling that the child needs help urgently (in case of injuries, exam situations, fears etc.) one can always use the so-called “emergency drops” (Rescue Remedy).