Digestive System (Human)

What is the digestive system? Humans and animals must digest the food they eat in order to utilize it. The digestive system takes care of this. There, the ingested food is gradually broken down and digested enzymatically. The required nutrients are absorbed into the blood, and the unusable components are excreted. Digestive tract Digestive secretions … Digestive System (Human)

AV Node

AV node: Control center between the atrium and ventricle The AV node is an area of dense, connective tissue-rich muscle fiber networks in the right atrium close to the border with the ventricle. It is the only conductive connection between the atrium and ventricle: the electrical impulses coming from the sinus node via the atrial … AV Node

Thyroid: Anatomy and Function

What is the thyroid gland? The thyroid gland is a reddish-brown colored organ in the neck region. It is often described as butterfly-shaped. This shape results from the two lateral lobes (lobus dexter and lobus sinister), which are usually of slightly different sizes. The two lateral lobes are connected by a transverse tissue bridge, the … Thyroid: Anatomy and Function