Medical Professions: Health Professions

These are also called medical professions and include a variety of more or less well-known, quite different professions. Other designations such as non-medical health professions, auxiliary health professions, supplementary health professions or medical assistant professions are often perceived as discriminatory by the various occupational groups, as they do not adequately reflect the wide range of … Medical Professions: Health Professions

IGeLn You?

The world of acronyms is a big one: terms formed from the first letters of individual words are appearing with increasing frequency. “IGeL” is one such acronym. And in this case, it refers neither to the “Community of Interest of Labyrinth Fishes”, nor to the “Institute for Holistic Learning“, nor to any other institution. “IGeL” … IGeLn You?

Living Will: Legal Situation

Since September 01, 2009, the German Civil Code (BGB) has legally regulated the living will. It is defined as a written declaration that permits or prohibits specific medical treatments or interventions if the author can no longer express himself independently. What does a living will look like? There is no prefabricated form for a living … Living Will: Legal Situation

Living Will: Euthanasia

Euthanasia is a topic that not only heats up the minds, but also around which many myths entwine. Where the difference between indirect and passive euthanasia. What is the legal situation? You can find out here. Indirect euthanasia – what is it? What exactly is meant by passive or indirect euthanasia? In indirect euthanasia, targeted … Living Will: Euthanasia

Biometrics: Show Me your Eyes?

Cashless payment at the unmanned gas station, automatic check-in at the airport, ordering on the computer – today, many transactions are possible without personal contact. This makes it all the more important to ensure that the person in question is who they say they are. Preventing acts of terrorism, secure online banking…. Security and the … Biometrics: Show Me your Eyes?

Waiting Time At the Doctor

20, 30 or 40 minutes: That you have to wait at the doctor’s despite an appointment is the rule in many German medical practices. Not infrequently, patients even have to put up with relatively long waiting times. But why is that? And what waiting time is still reasonable for a patient? We inform you extensively … Waiting Time At the Doctor

Environmental Medicine

Environmental medicine deals with the effects of the environment on the body and the development of diseases due to environmental factors that cause illness. The following encyclopedia is a collection of data on environmental medicine as on the topics of climate change and global warming in connection with the resulting increased environmental diseases will. Interested … Environmental Medicine

Sick Building Syndrome

In sick building syndrome (SBS) (synonyms: Building-illness syndrome; Sickbuilding; Sickbuilding syndrome; ICD-10: T75.8 – Other specified damage due to external causes) is a clinical picture from the field of occupational and environmental medicine. It occurs as a reaction to pollution of enclosed spaces, but can also be caused by psychological factors. In order to be … Sick Building Syndrome