Synonyms Radius head, Processus styloideus radii, Radius fracture, wrist, elbow Medical: Radius Anatomy The spoke is medically also called a radius. The radius forms with the ulna the bones of the forearm. Together with the carpal bones of the moon bone (Os lunatum) and scaphoid bone (Os navicularescaphoideum), the radius forms the essential part of … Spoke


General information Ossification is the formation of boils. A distinction is made between the formation of bone from connective tissue, which is called desmal ossification, and chondral ossification, in which bone is formed from existing cartilage. Usually, ossification is a natural process that builds up the incomplete skeleton, especially in childhood. However, increased ossification can … Ossification

Desmal Ossification | Ossification

Desmal Ossification The desmal ossification is made of connective tissue. This is formed by mesenchymal cells. During ossification, the cells are first positioned close to each other and are then increasingly better supplied with blood. Then the mesenchymal cells change into osteoblasts, the cells that form bone. These then first form the organic parts of … Desmal Ossification | Ossification

Disturbances of the ossification | Ossification

Disturbances of the ossification Among the diseases that affect ossification, a distinction is made between diseases that alter normal ossification and diseases that lead to excessive ossification. A typical disorder of ossification is achondroplasia, which leads to premature closure of the epiphyseal joints. The absence of cartilage in the long bones prevents the bone from … Disturbances of the ossification | Ossification

The neck of the femur

Definition The femoral neck is a section of the femur (Os femoris, femur). The femur can be divided into four sections. The femoral head (caput femoris) is followed by the femoral neck (collum femoris). This finally merges into the femoral shaft (corpus femoris). Finally, the femur has two bony protrusions (condyli femoris) at knee level, … The neck of the femur

Muscles at the neck of the femur | The neck of the femur

Muscles at the neck of the femur Femoral neck fractures are fractures in the area of the neck of the femur (collum femoris) and are located between the femoral head (caput femoris) and the trochanter (bone protrusions at the transition to the femoral shaft). Fractures are divided into medial intracapsular and lateral extracapsular femoral neck … Muscles at the neck of the femur | The neck of the femur

Bone reconstruction

Synonyms Bone structure, bone formation, skeleton Medical: Os The braided bone and the Lamellar bones The periosteum is located on the outside, This is followed by the layer of compacta and then The layer of cancellous bone. The inner periosteum (endosteum) still lies on the inside. The periosteum consists of a taut, mesh-like collagenous layer … Bone reconstruction

Wrist Root

Synonyms Wrist, scaphoid bone, scaphoid bone, navicular bone, lunate bone, lunate bone, triangular bone, triangular bone, large polygonal bone, trapezium bone, small polygonal bone, tapezoid bone, capitate bone, capitatum bone, hooked leg, hamate bone, pea bone, pisiform bone Ulna (ulna) Spoke (radius) Wrist Stylus process (Processus styloideus ulnae) Moon leg (Os lunatum) Scaphoid (Os naviculare) … Wrist Root

Pain in the wrist | Wrist Root

Pain in the wrist Due to the complexity of the carpal and the large number of structures located in this area, pain in the carpal can indicate a variety of diseases and injuries. Often the circumstances of the complaints alone can narrow down the possible causes a bit. If, for example, the pain was preceded … Pain in the wrist | Wrist Root

Taping the wrist | Wrist Root

Taping the wrist The wrist is a very stressed part of the body, both in many sports and in everyday life. In order to protect an already affected wrist from further damage caused by this stress and to promote healing of minor injuries, a tape bandage can help in many cases. This is a bandage … Taping the wrist | Wrist Root

Femoral neck

Introduction The thigh bone (also: femur) is the longest bone in the human body and provides a connection between the pelvis and the lower leg bone. It is connected to the other bones by the hip or knee joint. At the end of the hip, the thigh bone has a spherical shape, which is why … Femoral neck