Arteriosclerosis: Symptoms & Causes

Brief overview: Description: Vascular disease in which arteries harden and narrow; the most common form is atherosclerosis, in which plaques are deposited on the inner walls of the blood vessels; blood flow is disturbed and, in the worst case, interrupted (emergency!) Symptoms: Asymptomatic for a long time, often only noticeable due to secondary diseases, such … Arteriosclerosis: Symptoms & Causes

Hallucinations: Causes, forms, diagnosis

Brief overview What are hallucinations? Sensory illusions that are experienced as real. All senses can be affected – hearing, smell, taste, sight, touch. Differences in intensity and duration are possible. Causes: e.g., lack of sleep, exhaustion, social isolation, migraine, tinnitus, eye disease, high fever, dehydration, hypothermia, stroke, traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, dementia, schizophrenia, depression, alcohol … Hallucinations: Causes, forms, diagnosis

Chest Pain: Causes

Brief overview Causes: Heartburn (reflux disease), tension, muscle ache, vertebral blockage, rib contusion, rib fracture, shingles, angina pectoris, heart attack, pericarditis, high blood pressure, pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, lung cancer, esophageal rupture, psychological causes like anxiety or stress When to see a doctor? In case of newly occurring or changing pain, shortness of breath, feeling of … Chest Pain: Causes

Orbital Floor Fracture: Causes, Treatment, Prognosis

Orbital floor fracture: brief overview Definition: fracture of the orbit at its weakest point, the floor bone Causes: Typically a fist blow or being hit by a hard ball Symptoms: Swelling and bruising around the eye, double vision, disturbance of sensation in the face, limited mobility of the eye, sunken eyeball, further visual disturbances, pain … Orbital Floor Fracture: Causes, Treatment, Prognosis

Selenium deficiency: Symptoms, causes, therapy

Selenium deficiency: symptoms A slight deficiency of selenium can cause, for example, white spots on the nails and noticeably thin, colorless hair or hair loss. A more pronounced selenium deficiency affects the thyroid gland and the immune system, for example, but also other areas and functions of the body. Typical selenium deficiency symptoms therefore include: … Selenium deficiency: Symptoms, causes, therapy

Hammer Toe: Treatment, Causes, Symptoms

Brief overview Treatment: fitting or orthopedic shoes, orthotics, shoe inserts, taping, surgery such as a tendon repositioning or joint reconstruction. Causes: Unsuitable, too tight footwear, foot malpositions such as splay foot, pointed foot and hollow foot, other toe malpositions such as hallux valgus Symptoms: Pain, which often occurs later in life, gait disturbances and deformation … Hammer Toe: Treatment, Causes, Symptoms

Drumstick Finger: Causes and Diagnosis

Brief overview What are drumstick fingers? Piston-like thickening at the ends of the fingers, often combined with watch glass nails (nails that bulge excessively in the longitudinal direction) Causes: usually lung or heart disease (lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, chronic heart failure, etc.), sometimes also other diseases such as liver or gastrointestinal tract diseases (hepatitis, chronic … Drumstick Finger: Causes and Diagnosis

Penile Curvature: Causes & Treatment

Brief overview Symptoms: In congenital form, curvature of the penis is the main symptom; in acquired form, curvature, nodular induration, pain during intercourse, possibly tingling, erectile dysfunction Causes and risk factors: Congenital form: Gene mutation, often along with other genital changes. Acquired: Cause still unknown, possibly micro-injuries from accident; risk factors: faulty connective tissue metabolism, … Penile Curvature: Causes & Treatment

Fracture: Causes, Symptoms, Recovery Time

Brief overview What is a fracture? Fracture is the medical term for a bone fracture. Forms of fracture: e.g. open fracture (bone fragments are exposed), closed fracture (no visible bone fragments), luxation fracture (fracture close to the joint with dislocation of the joint), spiral fracture (spiral fracture line). Symptoms: pain, swelling, limited mobility, possibly malalignment, … Fracture: Causes, Symptoms, Recovery Time

Male Pattern Baldness: Treatment & Causes

Brief overview Treatment: minoxidil or caffeine-containing agents; finasteride in tablet form; possibly hair transplant; wig or toupee; shaving baldness; antiandrogens in women. Causes: Usually hereditary hair loss; only in women is hereditary hair loss pathological. When to see a doctor: In case of very rapid progress; rather diffuse or circular hair loss; severe hair loss … Male Pattern Baldness: Treatment & Causes