Spinal column gymnastics

Our spine is there to keep the body upright and stable, but together with the vertebral joints it is also responsible for our back being flexible and mobile. The optimal shape of the spine is the double-S shape. In this form, the load transfer is best and the individual spinal column sections are evenly and … Read more

Rowing standing up with the Theraband

“Rowing standing up” Stand with your knees slightly bent, hip-wide. Fix a theraband around a door- window handle. Pull both ends backwards at shoulder height as if you were rowing. Your upper body will actively straighten up by lifting your sternum and pulling your shoulders backwards/downwards. Perform two sets of 15 repetitions each. Continue with … Read more

Exercises tennis elbow

If muscles and tendons are repeatedly misused and overstrained over a longer period of time, then small damages add up to a large irritation, which can eventually lead to tennis elbow. Patients with such a problem often describe problems when mowing the lawn, spring-cleaning, or after long periods of overhead screwing or working. Besides tennis … Read more

Physiotherapy in general | Exercises tennis elbow

Physiotherapy in general In physiotherapy, cold and heat are often used as a therapeutic medium for tennis elbow. Both are usually used as preparation for the subsequent sitting and physiotherapy. However, cold and heat can also be used as independent therapy content. Dressings with pain-relieving or anti-inflammatory ointments can help as after-treatment for tennis elbow, … Read more

Exercises for a SLAP lesion

Below you will find a list of exercises that you can easily copy at home. Do 2 -3 passes per exercise with 15 repetitions each. Exercises Since the shoulder is stabilized by muscles, it is important to build them up to relieve the joint and support the healing of the SLAP lesion. In any case, … Read more