Synonyms in the broadest sense

fitness training, strength training, endurance training, health-oriented fitness training, health, physical fitness, english: physical fitness


Generally, fitness is defined as the ability of a person to live and perform intended actions. In the Duden, the term fitness is reduced to the physiological aspect and is regarded as good physical condition or performance.

Definition Fitness Training

Fitness training is considered training with the goal of maintaining or improving motor fitness. Since the founding of commercial sports providers in the last century, fitness training has established itself as a sport, and through numerous fitness movements has found its way into all ages and performance areas. Both bodybuilding and training to maintain motor skills in old age are part of fitness training, thus illustrating the comprehensive concept of fitness training. Fitness is mainly characterized by the numerous fitness tests, which make the maintenance or improvement of athletic performance measurable.

General language usage

Fitness comes from the English (to fit) and means suitable, appropriate, decent, fit, able or willing. It is therefore not surprising why the term “to be fit” is also used for non-sporting statements. Example: Are you fit for physics work? Fit in computer programs etc.

Fitness and health

According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), health is a state of complete physical, social and mental well-being and not merely the absence of disease. There are similarities with the concept of fitness, but in addition to the state of well-being, the ability to perform is also included. A person who is healthy according to WHO does not yet have to be fit, and someone who takes a fitness test with a high score does not necessarily have to be healthy. The transition between fitness training and health training is fluid. Health training is fitness training, but fitness training is not always health training.

Motives for Fitness

Fitness training is instrumentalized for the following goals, among others:

  • Maintenance and increase of professional participation
  • Well-being
  • Prevention against diseases
  • Increase motor performance
  • Achieving beauty ideals
  • Sociability