Yoga for pregnant women

Yoga offers not only exercises for strengthening, but also for relaxation. In any case, these are important points that can be helpful during pregnancy or birth. After all, the well-being of the pregnant woman should also be considered. During a pregnancy the female body goes through various processes in which the body changes. A supply … Read more

From when/risks | Yoga for pregnant women

From when/risks As a rule, yoga is also allowed and even welcome during pregnancy. There are no exact guidelines for the application of Yoga during pregnancy. The important thing is that the woman listens to her body during pregnancy and pays attention to it. In case of uncertainty, the woman should consult her gynecologist again. … Read more

What is the best way to relax the cervical spine?

What is the best way to relax the cervical spine? If the cervical spine is tense, the movements become increasingly difficult and the pain increases, most people think about going to the doctor. This is not wrong in principle, but even with a few simple exercises can be remedied at home. In the following we … Read more

Spinal column gymnastics

Our spine is there to keep the body upright and stable, but together with the vertebral joints it is also responsible for our back being flexible and mobile. The optimal shape of the spine is the double-S shape. In this form, the load transfer is best and the individual spinal column sections are evenly and … Read more

Yoga Health Benefits

Today he knows Yoga, whether he has ever read about it, heard about it, or even participated in a course. But where exactly does this Yoga come from and what is it? The word yoga comes from Sanskrit and means “to bind or yoke together” but it can also mean “union”. Yoga has its origin … Read more

Is Yoga suitable for everyone? | Yoga Health Benefits

Is Yoga suitable for everyone? Yoga is usually a very gentle but very intensive form of training, which is why it is suitable for all age groups and also for many clinical pictures. The exercises can be simplified for beginners or those with movement restrictions, so that people of a higher age can also find … Read more

Yoga styles | Yoga Health Benefits

Yoga styles There is a variety of different yoga styles. Not all of them are still connected to the original yoga. Especially in the western world there are new modern yoga forms that meet the demands of the fitness industry and current health trends. To the Yoga forms belong: There is also a variety of … Read more

Yoga exercises | Yoga Health Benefits

Yoga exercises Yoga is a form of training that requires little or no aids, which is why it is very well suited as a home workout. Not much space is needed and there are short asanas that can be included in the daily routine when there is not enough time. Thus, short training units are … Read more

Yoga Pants/Pants | Yoga Health Benefits

Yoga Pants/Pants The right clothing is important in yoga. It is all about focusing on one’s own body, breathing and also the inner condition of the yogi. Poorly fitting clothing can be distracting or prevent the correct execution of the exercises. There are different Yoga Pants. Usually they are long and tight pants made of … Read more