Recognizing symptoms of gastroenteritis

Typical gastrointestinal symptoms In gastroenteritis, pathogens colonize and damage the digestive tract. The symptoms of gastroenteritis therefore focus on this area: Nausea and vomiting diarrhea Abdominal cramps and pain Typically, the symptoms develop very quickly, often within a few hours. The severity of the symptoms depends on the type of pathogen and individual factors such … Recognizing symptoms of gastroenteritis

Arteriosclerosis: Symptoms & Causes

Brief overview: Description: Vascular disease in which arteries harden and narrow; the most common form is atherosclerosis, in which plaques are deposited on the inner walls of the blood vessels; blood flow is disturbed and, in the worst case, interrupted (emergency!) Symptoms: Asymptomatic for a long time, often only noticeable due to secondary diseases, such … Arteriosclerosis: Symptoms & Causes

Chest Pain: Causes

Brief overview Causes: Heartburn (reflux disease), tension, muscle ache, vertebral blockage, rib contusion, rib fracture, shingles, angina pectoris, heart attack, pericarditis, high blood pressure, pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, lung cancer, esophageal rupture, psychological causes like anxiety or stress When to see a doctor? In case of newly occurring or changing pain, shortness of breath, feeling of … Chest Pain: Causes

Sea Urchin Sting: Symptoms, Therapy, Complications

Brief overview What to do in case of a sea urchin sting? Remove stinger completely, disinfect wound, watch for signs of inflammation (swelling, hyperthermia, etc.); if stinger is poisonous, keep affected body part below heart level and call emergency physician Sea urchin sting risks: Infection, blood poisoning (sepsis), chronic inflammation, joint stiffness, possible symptoms of … Sea Urchin Sting: Symptoms, Therapy, Complications

Cervical cancer: Symptoms, Progression, Therapy

Brief overview Symptoms: Usually only in advanced stages of cancer, including bleeding after sexual intercourse or after the menopause, heavy periods, intermenstrual bleeding or spotting, discharge (often foul-smelling or bloody), pain in the lower abdomen Progression and prognosis:Development over years; the earlier cervical cancer is detected and treated, the higher the chances of recovery Causes … Cervical cancer: Symptoms, Progression, Therapy

Conn syndrome: definition, symptoms, diagnosis

Brief overview Symptoms: Mainly symptoms of high blood pressure such as headaches, ringing in the ears, visual disturbances, shortness of breath and reduced performance Diagnosis: Blood pressure measurement, measurement of potassium and sodium in the blood, determination of aldosterone and renin levels, various tests on the function of the adrenal cortex, imaging procedures Causes: The … Conn syndrome: definition, symptoms, diagnosis

Postpartum depression: Symptoms, Treatment

Brief overview Symptoms: Dejection, loss of interest, joylessness, sleep disturbances, anxiety, guilt, in severe cases: Suicidal and infanticidal thoughts. Treatment: simple measures such as relief offers, psycho- and behavioral therapy, sometimes antidepressants Causes and risk factors: Propensity to depression, social conflicts and worries. Diagnostics: doctor’s consultations, postpartum depression test EPDS Course and prognosis: Postpartum depression … Postpartum depression: Symptoms, Treatment

Selenium deficiency: Symptoms, causes, therapy

Selenium deficiency: symptoms A slight deficiency of selenium can cause, for example, white spots on the nails and noticeably thin, colorless hair or hair loss. A more pronounced selenium deficiency affects the thyroid gland and the immune system, for example, but also other areas and functions of the body. Typical selenium deficiency symptoms therefore include: … Selenium deficiency: Symptoms, causes, therapy

Dementia: Forms, Symptoms, Treatment

Brief overview Major forms of dementia: Alzheimer’s disease (45-70% of all dementias), Vascular dementia (15-25%), Lewy body dementia (3-10%), Frontotemporal dementia (3-18%), Mixed forms (5-20%). Symptoms: In all forms of dementia, there is a long-term loss of mental capacity. Other symptoms and the exact course vary depending on the form of dementia. Affected: Mainly people … Dementia: Forms, Symptoms, Treatment