Anatomy The end of the fingers on the human hand is called fingertip. The Latin term for the fingers of our hand is digitus manus. When we look at our hand, we see 5 different fingers: thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and the little finger. Despite the fact that all fingers are different, … Read more

Numbness of the fingertip | Fingertip

Numbness of the fingertip When fingertips are numb, and this also applies to other skin areas on our body, the most common cause is a nerve disorder. In the case of incarcerations or injuries where a nerve is damaged, this manifests itself in the symptomatology of numbness in a corresponding area of skin. This is … Read more

Broken fingertip | Fingertip

Broken fingertip A fracture of the end of the finger joint, i.e. the joint at the tip of the finger, is most often caused by violent impact, such as falling, getting stuck in the car door or an object falling on the joint. Whether one is affected can be determined with relative certainty if a … Read more

Connect fingertip | Fingertip

Connect fingertip To connect the fingertip, the fingertip bandage can be used: First you take a plaster and cut it off, depending on the size of the finger between 8 and 12 cm long. Exactly in the middle of this bandage you should cut two triangles into it, so that you can later fold it … Read more

Shoulder corner joint

Synonym Acromioclavicular joint, Articulatio acromioclaviculare, AC joint Definition The acromioclavicular joint is one of a total of five joints in the shoulder area, it serves primarily to stabilize the shoulder. Anatomy The AC-joint is the joint between the two. Usually there is a small intermediate disc, a discus, between the two, it consists of fibrous … Read more

Inner Band Knee

Synonyms Ligamentum collaterale mediale, Ligamentum collaterale tibiale, Internal collateral ligament, Internal knee ligament, medial collateral ligament (MCL) General information The inner ligament of the knee is also called the medial collateral ligament. It connects the thigh bone (“femur”) with the shin bone (“tibia”). It is the central counterpart to the outer collateral ligament, which connects … Read more

Overstretching of the inner band | Inner Band Knee

Overstretching of the inner band Overstretching the inner ligament of the knee is equivalent to a strain.Overstretching of both the inner and outer ligaments is increasingly common in sports medicine, especially among skiers and footballers, but also among other athletes. A buckling or dislocation of the knee can be the cause, but above all a … Read more

Therapy | Inner Band Knee

Therapy Immediately after the injury to the knee, the procedure according to the so-called “RICE protocol” should be followed. RICE stands for the English words for protection, cooling, compression and elevation. If there is a strain or a non-serious case of an inner ligament rupture, conservative therapy usually helps. The focus here is on protecting … Read more


General information The Germanic tribes used to call the thumb “Dumo” or “Dume”, which was supposed to mean “the fat one” or “the strong one”. In the course of time, this term developed into the word “thumb” as we know it today. The thumb (Pollex) forms the first finger of a hand and can be … Read more