Risks and costs | Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid

Risks and costs Compared to surgical facelifting, there are hardly any significant risks associated with wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid. Patients with very sensitive skin may experience redness and/or inflammation in the area of the puncture marks following the application. In addition, small blisters can form in the treated areas of the face, but these … Risks and costs | Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid

Laser scars

Definition – What is meant by laser scars? After operations, injuries or burns, scars often remain on the skin as a result of a natural wound healing process. However, scar tissue differs from the surrounding healthy tissue in that it contains significantly more connective tissue, but no hair follicles or sweat glands. Scars represent a … Laser scars

Is it painful? | Laser scars

Is it painful? Laser treatment of scars is not associated with any pain. For this reason it is one of the most popular methods of scar removal. All articles in this series: Laser scars How well does this work for acne scars? How does a laser therapy work? Is it painful?

Costs of the facelift

Synonyms: facelift; lat. rhytidectomy How much does a facelift cost? Since a facelift is a purely plastic-aesthetic operation, it is not covered by either statutory or private health insurance. The patient has to pay for all costs independently and also has to bear all follow-up costs. This means that if complications (e.g. stomach bleeding) occur … Costs of the facelift

Stretch marks on the bottom

Definition Stretch marks are known in medicine as “Stria cutis atrophica” or “Stria cutis desitensae”. Stretch marks that develop during pregnancy are called “Stria gravida”. Stretch marks on the skin are cracks in the subcutaneous tissue (subcutis). For numerous reasons, such as hormonal fluctuations, genetic predisposition or rapid weight gain, tears occur in the subcutis. … Stretch marks on the bottom

Treatment of stretch marks | Stretch marks on the bottom

Treatment of stretch marks In the meantime, there are various medical therapy approaches or even home remedies that promise relief. However, a complete removal is only possible through skin transplantation. However, this is only used in very few cases, as the scar left behind by the operation is unavoidable. In addition to the surgical method, … Treatment of stretch marks | Stretch marks on the bottom

Duration until healing | Stretch marks on the bottom

Duration until healing Complete healing of the strips is not possible. The time until the stretch marks fade is strongly dependent on the extent and individual connective tissue structure. Stretch marks caused by rapid weight gain usually fade quickly when the additional weight is reduced again. This is particularly important for stretch marks on the … Duration until healing | Stretch marks on the bottom


Synonyms liposuction, liposuction english: liposuction Definition/Introduction Liposuction is one of the most frequently performed surgical operations concerning the aesthetics of the body. In the meantime, it can be used to shape specific body regions. The background of such an operation can be the elimination of the consequences of an illness (e.g. lipedema, which is often … Liposuction

Therapy | Liposuction

Therapy Tumescence technique Ultrasound-assisted liposuction or ultrasound-assisted aspiration lipectomy Liposuction with vibration technique or power-assisted liposuction The excess fluid that emerges from the incisions in the first few days after the operation consists mainly of the remaining saline solution. The liquid can be removed by cannulas. If a larger area has been treated, a drainage … Therapy | Liposuction