Yoga for beginners

Yoga is originally a philosophy of life rather than a sport, but in the western world Yoga is often understood as a specific form of training program consisting of gentle exercises involving breathing. For beginners, yoga is a small challenge of strength, stability and balance in the beginning. There are, however, exercises (asanas) that are … Yoga for beginners

Yoga for pregnant women

Yoga offers not only exercises for strengthening, but also for relaxation. In any case, these are important points that can be helpful during pregnancy or birth. After all, the well-being of the pregnant woman should also be considered. During a pregnancy the female body goes through various processes in which the body changes. A supply … Yoga for pregnant women

Stretching with one device | What is the best way to stretch the cervical spine?

Stretching with one device Those who have the necessary equipment at home or the physiotherapy practice is equipped accordingly, can also stretch the cervical spine with the help of devices. One of these devices is the so-called extension device, which helps to stretch and relieve the cervical spine. Another aid are TENS devices (TENS = … Stretching with one device | What is the best way to stretch the cervical spine?

Heat Therapy as Physiotherapy

Heat therapy is a generic term for various applications in physiotherapy and physical therapy as well as balneotherapy. In general, heat therapy comprises all therapy methods in which heat is applied to the skin in various forms for mostly 20-40 minutes in order to achieve a blood circulation-promoting, metabolism-stimulating and muscle-relaxing effect. Fields of application … Heat Therapy as Physiotherapy