Vibrions: Infection, Symptoms, Diseases

Brief overview Vibrions – Description: Group of bacteria, which occur world-wide particularly in warmer waters. They multiply particularly well at a certain salinity (e.g. Baltic Sea, Lake Neusiedl, lagoons). Vibrion diseases: Cholera and other gastrointestinal infections, wound infections, ear infections. Symptoms: In gastrointestinal infections, e.g., diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain (often particularly severe in cholera). In … Vibrions: Infection, Symptoms, Diseases

Foot: Structure and diseases

What is the foot? The foot (Latin: pes) is a complex structure consisting of numerous bones, muscles and ligaments, which has become an important supporting organ with the development of upright gait. Anatomically, it is divided into three parts: the tarsus, the metatarsus and the digiti. Tarsus The two largest tarsal bones are the talus … Foot: Structure and diseases

Yoga for beginners

Yoga is originally a philosophy of life rather than a sport, but in the western world Yoga is often understood as a specific form of training program consisting of gentle exercises involving breathing. For beginners, yoga is a small challenge of strength, stability and balance in the beginning. There are, however, exercises (asanas) that are … Yoga for beginners

Yoga for pregnant women

Yoga offers not only exercises for strengthening, but also for relaxation. In any case, these are important points that can be helpful during pregnancy or birth. After all, the well-being of the pregnant woman should also be considered. During a pregnancy the female body goes through various processes in which the body changes. A supply … Yoga for pregnant women