Fat Blocker

What are fat blockers

Fat blockers are drugs that are intended to support weight loss. They do not act like appetite suppressants in the brain, but in the gastrointestinal tract. There they inhibit the enzyme lipase, which normally breaks down the absorbed fats (triglycerides) into small components.

By inhibiting the enzyme, the splitting of the fats is no longer possible. However, since the fats can only be absorbed by the body in split form, fat blockers achieve an uptake and absorption rate of fats ingested with food that is reduced by about 35%. Fat blockers do not change the appetite, it remains the same or even increases.

Which fat blockers are available?

The only “real” fat blocker is the active ingredient Orlistat. It is offered in different dosages and therefore carries different trade names: Among the drugs that advertise as fat blockers is a product known under the trade name Formoline ®.

  • Xenical ®
  • Orlistat ®
  • Alli Orlistat ®

Xenical contains the active ingredient Orlistat in the highest dosage available on the pharmaceutical market.

The drug contains 120 mg orlistat. It should be taken 3 capsules a day with main meals with some water. It should be used in conjunction with a low calorie diet with a BMI of at least 30 kg/m2 or overweight with risk factors such as diabetes mellitus with a BMI of at least 28 kg/m2. Xenical is available in packages of 42 or 84 pieces. The drug is only available on prescription, but only a private prescription can be issued, not a health insurance prescription, so in most cases the costs are borne by the patient.

Are fat blockers available only on prescription?

The only actual fat blocker currently available on the market with the active ingredient orlistat is not available on prescription in low dosages (60 mg). In higher dosages (120 mg), however, it is only available on prescription. However, no health insurance prescription can be issued, as the costs have to be paid by the patient himself. Therefore only a private prescription is issued.