Sundew: Applications, Treatments, Health Benefits

Sundew is one of the lesser known medicinal plants. Among other things, it can be used to relieve cramping cough. Occurrence and cultivation of sundew A typical feature of the plant are the clear droplets that shine on it. Behind these droplets, however, is a sticky liquid. Round-leaved sundew (Drosera rotundifolia) is a carnivorous plant. … Read more

Field Manure: Applications, Treatments, Health Benefits

Field man’s bedstraw has its firm place in herbal medicine and has for centuries. However, how the thorny herb got its official name “field man’s litter” has not been passed down with certainty – theories about it exist a few. Occurrence and cultivation of field man’s bedstraw The distribution area of field man’s litter stretches … Read more


Shisha smoking Shisha smoking involves heating tobacco with charcoal. It is referred to as smoldering. The smoke is passed through water and travels through a hose to the mouthpiece, which is used to inhale it. It is mostly smoked in shisha bars or cafes in a social setting. Many varieties exist and electric hookahs are … Read more

Fetal Tobacco Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Fetal tobacco syndrome is caused by active, as well as passive, smoking during pregnancy, as the approximately 5000 different toxins from a burning cigarette also reach the fetus through the placenta. Miscarriages and premature births are just as often associated with fetal tobacco syndrome, as are sudden infant death syndrome or general developmental disability, low … Read more

Jogging in Winter: Tips for a Healthy Running Style in the Cold Season

Should the running shoes rather stay in the closet in winter cold temperatures? No – Despite sub-zero temperatures, jogging does not have to be cancelled. If some special features are taken into account, the body thanks a regular running training in the winter time with better condition, health and constant weight. So you can also … Read more

Oregano: Applications, Treatments, Health Benefits

Oregano is a medicinal and spice plant that belongs to the labiates family and is also called thoset, wild marjoram or Wohlgemut. The plant is a natural antibiotic and also has a strong fungicidal effect, which is why it is often used for fungal infections. In addition, it has a blood-thinning effect and is therefore … Read more

General Medicine: Treatment, Effects & Risks

General practitioners are usually the physicians most frequently consulted for physical complaints. If they cannot treat them themselves, they coordinate further treatment to specialists and coordinate the treatment of their own diagnostics with the findings of the specialists. What is general practice? General practitioners are usually the physicians most often consulted for physical ailments. If … Read more

Moxibustion: Treatment, Effect & Risks

Moxibustion, also called moxa therapy or moxing for short, is a special variant of acupuncture and belongs to Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM. Unlike classical acupuncture, moxing does not always use needles. The basis of moxa therapy is the heating of specific acupuncture points by burning finely ground mugwort herb. What is moxibustion? Moxibustion involves stimulating … Read more

Speedwell: Applications, Treatments, Health Benefits

At first glance, true speedwell might be mistaken for a weed by the wayside. Only a second glance reveals that it is a very versatile medicinal plant with a long history. Occurrence and cultivation of the true speedwell The forest speedwell shows, prefers according to its name forests, where it grows in small carpets, but … Read more