Yoga for beginners

Yoga is originally a philosophy of life rather than a sport, but in the western world Yoga is often understood as a specific form of training program consisting of gentle exercises involving breathing. For beginners, yoga is a small challenge of strength, stability and balance in the beginning. There are, however, exercises (asanas) that are … Yoga for beginners

Yoga styles | Yoga Health Benefits

Yoga styles There is a variety of different yoga styles. Not all of them are still connected to the original yoga. Especially in the western world there are new modern yoga forms that meet the demands of the fitness industry and current health trends. To the Yoga forms belong: There is also a variety of … Yoga styles | Yoga Health Benefits

Yoga Health Benefits

Today he knows Yoga, whether he has ever read about it, heard about it, or even participated in a course. But where exactly does this Yoga come from and what is it? The word yoga comes from Sanskrit and means “to bind or yoke together” but it can also mean “union”. Yoga has its origin … Yoga Health Benefits

Heat Therapy as Physiotherapy

Heat therapy is a generic term for various applications in physiotherapy and physical therapy as well as balneotherapy. In general, heat therapy comprises all therapy methods in which heat is applied to the skin in various forms for mostly 20-40 minutes in order to achieve a blood circulation-promoting, metabolism-stimulating and muscle-relaxing effect. Fields of application … Heat Therapy as Physiotherapy