Definition Sperm cells are the male germ cells. Colloquially, they are also called sperm cells. In medicine, the term spermatozoa is often used. They contain the male genetic material for reproduction. This is the single set of chromosomes which, together with the single female set of chromosomes from the egg cell, results in the double … Read more

Size of the sperm | Sperm

Size of the sperm The human sperm cell is basically very small. In its entirety, it measures only about 60 micrometers. The head part, in which the chromosome set is also found, has a size of about 5 micrometers. The remaining part of the sperm, i.e. the neck and the attached tail, is about 50-55 … Read more

Alcohol and fertility | Sperm

Alcohol and fertility Alcohol is a known cytotoxin, which has a damaging effect on many organs of the human body. Of course, the connection between alcohol and sperm fertility also plays a decisive role. In general, it can be said that moderate alcohol consumption is not harmful in terms of sperm quality and fertility. A … Read more

Triggering sperm and contractions – what is the connection? | Sperm

Triggering sperm and contractions – what is the connection? The connection between sperm and the triggering of contractions is currently still too poorly researched to give a clear answer to this question. The assumed connection is that sperm consists to a certain extent of prostaglandins.Prostaglandins are tissue hormones that are found throughout the body and … Read more

Sweat glands

Introduction Sweat glands are normally called the so-called eccrine sweat glands, i.e. those sweat glands that are distributed over the entire body with a few exceptions. Their task is to secrete sweat, which makes an important contribution to the regulation of the heat balance of our body. Furthermore, there are the so-called apocrine sweat glands, … Read more

Urine – All about the topic!

Introduction Every person produces and excretes liters of urine every day. But what exactly is the yellowish liquid? What does it consist of and what are its benefits? What does it mean when the color of urine changes? Is it dangerous? Urine, also known as “urine”, is an excretion product of the body, produced by … Read more