Nutritional Counseling in Dentistry

A tooth-healthy diet is the third important pillar of dental prophylaxis, along with proper oral hygiene techniques and regular fluoride application. The purpose of nutritional counseling is to show you the connections between your eating habits and possible diseases of the teeth and periodontium, to trigger a change in thinking towards a tooth-healthy diet and … Nutritional Counseling in Dentistry

Food Diary: Analyze Your Diet

As part of nutritional counseling in dentistry, keeping a food diary (nutrition log) can be useful. The goal of the diary is to raise your awareness of tooth-damaging sugary or acidic meals, to limit them thereafter, and to eat a permanently tooth-healthier diet. The vast majority of people today are aware of the link between … Food Diary: Analyze Your Diet

Individual Prophylaxis for Children

Children insured by a statutory health insurance fund between the ages of six and seventeen are entitled to dental individual prophylaxis (IP) services, known as IP services. These support the parents’ efforts at home to maintain their child’s oral hygiene by addressing the child’s individual characteristics. As a result of good dental health education, many … Individual Prophylaxis for Children

Customized Fluoridation Splint

A custom fluoridation splint is a plastic splint that is laboratory-manufactured to fit each of a patient’s upper and lower dental arches and serves as a medication carrier for fluoride-containing gel. Why fluoride? Fluoride is an essential trace element and indispensable for the formation of healthy bone and tooth structure.In dentistry, fluorides, especially when applied … Customized Fluoridation Splint

Individual Drug Carrier

An individual medication carrier is a plastic splint made for one or both jaws that is loaded with fluoride or chlorhexidine gel and placed in the mouth. This medication carrier is designed to provide a longer residence time for the active ingredient on the tooth surface or gingiva (the gums). Indications (areas of application) The … Individual Drug Carrier

Interdental Space Hygiene

Interdental space hygiene refers to oral hygiene techniques that are tailored to the more difficult-to-clean interdental spaces (approximal spaces, interdental spaces), which are not covered by the electric or manual toothbrush. To keep teeth healthy and free of decay and gum disease for life, the essential factors of optimal basic oral hygiene are first: Twice … Interdental Space Hygiene

CAD/CAM Dentures

CAD/CAM dentures are the fabrication of crowns, bridges or implant accessories using computer-aided technology. Both the design (CAD: Computer Aided Design) and the manufacture (CAM: Computer Aided Manufacturing) are carried out with the aid of intelligent software programs and by milling units networked with them. The prerequisite for this was the rapid developments in computer … CAD/CAM Dentures

Cover Denture Prosthesis

An overdenture (synonyms: cover denture prosthesis, coverdenture, overdenture, hybrid prosthesis, overlay denture) is used to replace the teeth of a jaw. It is a combination of a removable element and one or more elements that are fixed in the mouth. An overlay denture has the same shape and dimensions as a complete denture (full denture) … Cover Denture Prosthesis

Replacement Prosthesis

A replacement denture (synonyms: second denture, duplicate denture) is a dental prosthesis that is used to bridge periods of time when the higher quality, permanently worn denture is not available. The fabrication of a replacement prosthesis makes sense in order to be safe from imponderables that one would otherwise have to endure toothless and thus … Replacement Prosthesis

Extension Bridge

An extension bridge (synonyms: free-end bridge, trailer bridge) is used to restore a shortened or interrupted row of teeth by attaching a pontic to two interlocked crowns. The extension of the bridge is strictly limited by the special features of the bridge statics. Bridge statics Due to the structural requirements of an extension bridge explained … Extension Bridge

Fixed Bridge

A bridge is used to restore a gap between teeth. In order to cement a fixed bridge to replace one or more teeth, the teeth intended as bridge abutments must be prepared (ground) to receive a crown or partial crown. The abutment teeth must largely match in the alignment of their longitudinal axis. In principle, … Fixed Bridge