Mucosolvan Children’s Syrup Dissolves Mucus

This is the active ingredient in Mucosolvan children’s juice. The active ingredient contained in Mucosolvan children’s juice is ambroxol. This originally comes from leaves of the Adhatoda vasica bush. On the one hand, the active ingredient liquefies the mucus that has settled in the respiratory tract, and on the other hand, Mucosolvan children’s juice enables … Mucosolvan Children’s Syrup Dissolves Mucus

Dexmedetomidine: Effects, dosage

How does dexmedetomidine work? Dexmedetomidine inhibits the release of the nerve messenger noradrenaline in a specific brain region: the locus caeruleus. This structure of the brain is particularly rich in nerve cells that communicate via norepinephrine and are involved in controlling orientation as well as attention. Less norepinephrine due to dexmedetomidine subsequently means less messenger … Dexmedetomidine: Effects, dosage

Oxymetazoline: Effects, Usage, and Side Effects

Effect Oxymetazoline constricts the vessels of the nasal mucosa (vasoconstrictor effect). All drugs from the group of sympathomimetics make use of this effect. They excite special binding sites of the sympathetic nervous system, so-called alpha-adrenoreceptors. Together with its counterpart, the parasympathetic nervous system, the sympathetic nervous system forms the autonomic nervous system, which we cannot … Oxymetazoline: Effects, Usage, and Side Effects

Chronic kidney insufficiency: Symptoms and causes

How fosfomycin works Fosfomycin acts bactericidal (kills bacteria) by inhibiting the first step in the synthesis of the bacterial cell wall: it prevents the formation of N-acetylmuramic acid, which is essential for building the bacterial cell wall. Without an intact cell wall, the bacterium cannot survive – it dies. The broad-spectrum antibiotic is effective against … Chronic kidney insufficiency: Symptoms and causes

Regaine for Women

This is the active ingredient in Regaine Women Regaine Women contains the active ingredient minoxidil and is available in the form of a two-percent solution. Minoxidil dilates the small blood vessels and improves the supply of blood and nutrients to the hair-forming cells (hair follicles). When used regularly, Regaine Women can activate the hair follicles, … Regaine for Women

Eszopiclone: Effects & Side Effects

How eszopiclone works Eszopiclone belongs to the group of so-called Z-substances. It promotes sleep by enhancing the effect of the body’s own neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-amino-butyric acid). GABA is one of the most important neurotransmitters in the brain. By binding to certain docking sites (receptors) on nerve cells, it inhibits the excitability of the cells. As … Eszopiclone: Effects & Side Effects

Cialis for Erectile Dysfunction

This active ingredient is in Cialis Compared to other active ingredients in this group, the Cialis active ingredient has a significantly longer half-life. The effect can last up to 36 hours. Thus, the Cialis duration of action allows spontaneous sexuality. When is Cialis used? The Cialis effect is additionally used for the treatment of benign … Cialis for Erectile Dysfunction

Dosage forms of medication: Capsules, pills, injections

What types of tablets are there? Tablets are solid, single-dose dosage forms containing one or more active ingredients as well as excipients, which are usually pressed from dry powders or granules under high pressure in special machines. There are many different tablets, for example chewable, lozenge, effervescent and film-coated tablets. It is often important to … Dosage forms of medication: Capsules, pills, injections

Vidprevtyn: Effects, Tolerance, Usage

What kind of vaccine is Vidprevtyn? Vidprevtyn is a vaccine candidate against the coronavirus. It was developed in a collaboration between the French manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur and the British company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Vidprevtyn could round out the portfolio of available vaccine options for protection against the coronavirus in the foreseeable future. Vidprevtyn belongs to the … Vidprevtyn: Effects, Tolerance, Usage

Amoxicillin: effects, application, side effects

How amoxicillin works Amoxicillin is an antibiotic from the class of aminopenicillins and has a bactericidal effect: Amoxicillin is well absorbed when taken orally and is gastric acid stable. When is amoxicillin used? Amoxicillin is used for infections with bacteria that are sensitive to the antibiotic. Among others, it is used for: Urinary tract infections … Amoxicillin: effects, application, side effects