Maternity leave

What is maternity leave? Maternity protection is a law that is intended to protect the working mother and her child during pregnancy and breastfeeding. A goal of the maternity protection law is it to preserve the health of nut/mother and child and to prevent vocational disadvantage, which would possibly develop by the pregnancy. Women under … Read more

Duration of maternity leave | Maternity leave

Duration of maternity leave As soon as an employee learns of her pregnancy, she is obliged to inform the employer about it and the estimated date of birth. The employer reports this to the supervisory authority and the maternity protection applies. The employer may not pass this information on to third parties. The expectant mother … Read more

Ovarian Inflammation

Technical term Adnexitis Synonyms inflammation of the ovaries Synonyms in a broader sense Oophorosalpingitis Definition Ovarian inflammation (pelvic inflammatory disease) is a gynecological disease characterized by the presence of inflammatory processes in the ovaries. However, the term “pelvic inflammatory disease” in medical terminology usually refers to a combination of inflammation of the ovaries (ovaries) and … Read more

Diagnosis | Ovarian Inflammation

Diagnosis The diagnosis of an inflammation of the ovaries is divided into several steps. As a rule, a detailed doctor-patient consultation (anamnesis) is conducted first. During this conversation, the symptoms and the causal relationship between the pain occurring should be explained. The quality and exact localization of the symptoms felt by the woman affected can … Read more

Risks | Ovarian Inflammation

Risks An untreated acute inflammation of the ovaries can lead to the development of chronic inflammatory processes under certain circumstances. This can lead to scarring within the abdominal cavity. In the worst case, these scarring can lead to impaired egg cell transport and sterility. In addition, the inflammation of the ovaries can spread to other … Read more

Male infertility

Synonyms Impotence, sterility, infertility Definition Sterility is usually defined as the inability of a couple to conceive children if, despite the desire to have children, conception does not occur after at least one year of sexual intercourse without contraception. The reason for the unfulfilled desire to have children can lie with both the woman and … Read more

Therapy | Male infertility

Therapy Insemination: In this method, the sperm of a man is processed. The prerequisite for this is that the man has only a slight fertility disorder and that there are still enough sperm available. The processed sperm are then inserted into the woman’s uterus during ovulation using a catheter. The fertilization can still take place … Read more

Pain at the vaginal entrance

Definition Pain at the vaginal entrance is not unknown to many women. Worries about serious illnesses and limitations in everyday life and especially in the partnership are often very stressful. Pain is the symptom of many causes, most of which are easily treatable. The genital area is very sensitive because many nerve endings are located … Read more