In High Form Despite Winter Low

The cold winter days scratch at the well-being. This is proven by numerous studies. Thus, for about five percent of German citizens, the gloomy season really affects their mood. As a further consequence of the lack of sunlight, 30 percent of men and 40 percent of women over the age of 50 have a latent … Read more

Walking, Jogging, Cycling in Winter

Outdoor sports in winter – why not? At first, the external cold causes shivering, but soon the blood vessels of the skin and muscles open and the body is flooded with a pleasant warm feeling. However, there are some points to consider when exercising in the cold. Running in winter: Beware of slippery floors and … Read more

Ice Bathing: A Kick for the Body

With some it triggers admiration, with others merely incomprehension. What moves people to drop their clothes at temperatures around freezing point and dive into the icy water. Many get the infamous “kick”, some want to do something good for their body. Is ice bathing actually good for your health? What should you pay attention to? … Read more

Spring Goal Marathon

When the new year begins and spring is just around the corner, many people start jogging training, because running in nature is simply fun! Breathe in fresh air, shape the body and promote health at the same time – if you follow certain rules, you can do something good for your body and yourself with … Read more

Healthy Snowboarding

More than six million German skiers and snowboarders are drawn to snowy slopes and runs in winter. But many snowboard descents end in the hospital instead of the valley station. That’s why you should start preparing for the coming snowboarding season early – preferably in the fall. Find out who is particularly at risk and … Read more

Jogging in Winter: 7 Hot Tips

Jogging is healthy, because it trains the cardiovascular system. In addition, a lot of calories are burned while running: So regular jogging is not only fun, but also slim over time. Running outdoors is possible all year round, whatever the weather. Nevertheless, you should follow a few rules when jogging in winter. We have compiled … Read more

Jogging is Healthy Even in Subzero Temperatures

Those who do not exercise in winter often feel listless and unbalanced. Yet there are many ways to exercise even in the cold season – be it skating, jogging, swimming or working out at the gym. “Regular exercise not only prevents or helps get rid of love handles. Properly dosed exercise also strengthens the heart … Read more

Cycling in Winter? of Course!

In summer, many people use bicycles as a practical and environmentally friendly means of transport: for shopping, for the ride to work or for the weekend outing. But with the first frost, the bike is put away for the winter. There is another way! Use the positive and health-promoting characteristics of the bicycle driving also … Read more

Winter Vacation Travel First Aid Kit

Snow-covered hills, blue skies, sunshine: in winter, many vacationers are drawn to the mountains. But so that you can enjoy your winter vacation in peace, good preparation is essential. A first-aid kit is particularly important so that you can quickly treat minor or major ailments directly on site. But what all belongs in the first-aid … Read more

Sport and Exercise in Winter: Excuses do Not Count

Lonely and forgotten they eke out their lives in these months: Jogging shoes, sports gear and pulse watches. Most of them have seen daylight for the last time in September. And many of their owners do not intend to look at them again until March. Sports and exercise have hardly any place in people’s consciousness … Read more

Enzyme Therapy against Sports Injuries

Summer is coming and with it the number of sports injuries is increasing again at the same time. Be it jogging, cycling, climbing or playing soccer – all it takes is one inattention and the ankle is sprained or the arm bruised. For some years now, enzyme preparations have also been used therapeutically for such … Read more

Healthy Living with Exercise and Sports

Regular moderate physical activity is one of the most effective factors in protecting against many diseases. In addition, it can contribute significantly to an improvement in quality of life and well-being. Read here what sport and exercise do for your health. Regular exercise as a weapon against aging The range of effects has been impressively … Read more