M. teres major

Synonyms Latin: Musculus teres major Definition The big round muscle belongs to the group of the rear shoulder muscles. In humans, it typically extends over the back of the shoulder blade. In addition, the large round muscle, together with the small round muscle (M. teres minor), the three-headed upper arm muscle (M. triceps brachii) and … Read more

Musculus iliopsoas

Synonyms Lumbar iliac muscle. To the thigh musculature overview To the musculature overview The muscle iliopsoas (lumbar iliac muscle) is a two-part, approx. 4 cm thick, elongated muscle consisting of the large lumbar muscle and the iliac muscle. It is one of the most important muscles in our body. Approach, Origin, Innervation Approach: Small trochanter … Read more

Function | Musculus iliopsoas

Function The muscle iliopsaos acts as an antagonist of the abdominal muscles and buttock muscles and is the strong flexor in the hip joint. It is responsible for raising the upper body in the supine position (throw-in in soccer). The M. iliopsos is the most important muscle in running, walking and jumping, bringing the leg … Read more

Abbreviation | Musculus iliopsoas

Abbreviation Athletes in whom the actual fibers and/or the tendon of the iliopsoas muscle are shortened experience significant movement restrictions in addition to the typical pain. Running is often hindered by the fact that the flexion of the hip joint is severely restricted. The pain caused by the shortened muscle also restricts athletic performance. Once … Read more

Upper eyelid lift

Synonyms Latin: Musculus levator palpebrae superiores Definition The upper eyelid lifter is a striated muscle which is counted among the mimic muscles and the outer eye muscles. The muscle originates inside the orbita, splits the lacrimal gland (Glandula lacrimalis) in two parts and finally moves to the upper eyelid, which is opened when contracted. A … Read more

Muscle Agonist Antagonist

There are about 650 muscles in the human body. These fulfill different tasks. One part of them is responsible for the movements we perform with arms, legs and other parts of the body. The muscles of our extremities are important for this. Another part takes over the supporting function and makes sure that we do … Read more

Short thigh puller

latin: M. adductor brevis To the thigh musculature overview To the musculature overview The short femoral adductor (Musculus adductor brevis) lies below the pectoralis muscle and the long femoral adductor. Further adductors of the thigh: Comb muscle (M. pectineus) Long femoral adductor (M. adductor longus) Large thigh extractor (M. adductor magnus) Slender muscle (M. gracilis) … Read more