Male Libido Disorders

As libido disorders (synonyms: Sex drive disorder; libido disorders – male; ICD-10-GM F52.0: deficiency or loss of sexual desire) are disorders of sex drive. In most cases, this is a libido deficiency. In many cases, this occurs together with erectile dysfunction (ED; erectile dysfunction). In addition to libido deficiency, there is also increased libido, which … Read more

Male Libido Disorders: Medical History

The case history (medical history) represents an important component in the diagnosis of male libido disorders. Family history Social history What is your occupation? Is there any evidence of psychosocial stress or strain due to your family situation? Do you suffer from any psychological conflict? Do you have contact disorders? Do you have sexual inclinations … Read more

Male Libido Disorders: Or something else? Differential Diagnosis

Endocrine, nutritional, and metabolic diseases (E00-E90). Acromegaly (Giant Growth) Diabetes mellitus (diabetes) Lipid metabolism disorders such as hypercholesterolemia or hypertriglyceridemia. Hyperprolactinemia (elevated serum prolactin levels). Hyperthyroidism (hyperthyroidism) Hypogonadism – gonadal (testicular) hypofunction with resulting androgen deficiency (lack of male sex hormone). Hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism) Addison’s disease (primary adrenocortical insufficiency). Graves’ disease – form of hyperthyroidism caused … Read more

Male Libido Disorders: Examination

A comprehensive clinical examination is the basis for selecting further diagnostic steps: General physical examination – including blood pressure, pulse, body weight, height; further: Inspection (viewing). Skin, mucous membranes and body structure Inspection and palpation (palpation) of the thyroid gland. Inspection and palpation of the mammae (mammary glands) [very rare: galactorrhea/diseased mammary discharge] [due todifferential … Read more

Testicular Pain: Causes and Treatment

Testicular pain (synonyms: orchialgia; scrotal pain, scrotal pain; testalgia (chronic testicular pain); English orchialgia; ICD-10-GM 50.8: Other specified diseases of the male genital organs) can have many different causes. The most common cause of acute testicular pain is viral infection – accompanied by orchitis (inflammation of the testis) – or, in a child or adolescent … Read more

Acute Scrotum: Uses, Effects, Side Effects, Dosage, Interactions, Risks

Acute scrotum (ICD-10-GM N50.9: disease of male genital organs, unspecified) is acute (sudden) pain of the scrotum (scrotum) associated with redness and swelling. Acute scrotum is an emergency! In pediatric patients, testicular torsion is usually the cause. In adults, inflammation (epididymitis/epididymitis: 28.4% or epidydymo-orchitis/combined inflammation of the epididymis and testis (orchis): 28.7%) is most often … Read more

Acute Scrotum: Medical History

Medical history (history of illness) represents an important component in the diagnosis of acute scrotum. Family history Social history Current anamnesis/systemic anamnesis (somatic and psychological complaints). Do you have any pain? If yes, when and how does the pain occur? Acute (sudden)* Gradual Is the scrotum reddened, swollen?* . Was the testicle swollen first before … Read more

Acute Scrotum: Or something else? Differential Diagnosis

Blood, blood-forming organs – immune system (D50-D90). Purpura Schoenlein-Henoch (Purpura anaphylactoides) – spontaneous small skin hemorrhages, especially in the lower leg area (pathognomonic), occurring mainly after infections or due to drugs or food; the epididymis or testis is often enlarged. Mouth, esophagus (esophagus), stomach and intestines (K00-K67; K90-K93). Appendicitis (inflammation of the appendix) with peritonitis … Read more

Acute Scrotum: Complications

The following are the most important diseases or complications that may be contributed to by acute scrotum: Genitourinary system (kidneys, urinary tract-genital organs) (N00-N99). Restriction of fertility Loss of the affected testis

Erectile Dysfunction: Symptoms, Complaints, Signs

The following symptoms and complaints may indicate erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction): Inability to get an erection Inability to maintain an erection Dissatisfaction with the sexual situation Attention. If there is chronic erectile dysfunction lasting at least six months and satisfactory intercourse is not possible in at least 70% of attempts, it is most likely erectile … Read more

Erectile Dysfunction: Vacuum Erection Aid

Vacuum erection aid is a mechanical form of therapy for erectile dysfunction (ED). The procedure Erectile dysfunction is a euphemism for male limb rigidity that is not sufficient for sexual intercourse, and thus the inability of the man to penetrate his partner with his penis. Men of all ages can be affected and the causes … Read more