Mental Health

The World Health Organization (WHO) is sounding the alarm: negative stress is the greatest health threat of the 21st century. And depression – currently the fourth most common cause of illness worldwide – is expected to be the most widespread health impairment after cardiovascular disease by 2020. In scientific terms, the soul is identical to … Mental Health

Mental Health: Psychotherapy, But How?

Anyone in need of psychotherapeutic help faces an almost unmanageable jungle: There are psychiatrists and psychotherapists, psychologists and alternative practitioners, and an equally complex list of possible forms of therapy. These include: Psychoanalysis / Analytical psychotherapy Behavioral therapy Conversational psychotherapy Depth psychology based psychotherapy Gestalt therapy Psychodrama Systemic therapy In addition, there are still a … Mental Health: Psychotherapy, But How?

Animals Help Heal

Rabbits and dogs visiting nursing homes and even hospitals, horses and dolphins as therapists for severely disabled children and the seriously ill – a therapeutic approach is slowly gaining acceptance. Animal therapy has been scientifically researched since about the early 1960s, but animals were used to positively affect people’s health much earlier. Dog, cat and … Animals Help Heal

Holiday Melancholy and Winter Depression: you Can do Something About It!

Especially on holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, many people are not only cheerful mood, but also sad. Of course, this hits especially, but not only single, lonely people. Dejection, listlessness, withdrawal, fatigue, imbalance and an overall depressed mood can be symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The good news is that something can … Holiday Melancholy and Winter Depression: you Can do Something About It!

How Food Affects the Soul

Eating is more than just the intake of nutrients, as the saying goes, “Eating and drinking keeps body and soul together.” The psyche also wants to benefit from the pleasure of eating, and it is not uncommon for food intake to serve as a balm for our souls. Read about how food affects our souls … How Food Affects the Soul

Soul and Food: Enjoy with All Senses

Those who constantly control their own eating behavior and overhear the body’s natural signals are particularly vulnerable to emotionally and psychologically upsetting situations. This is particularly pronounced when the feeling of hunger is steadfastly suppressed and meals are ignored. The body often reacts to this with ravenous hunger, which becomes noticeable through circulatory problems, nausea … Soul and Food: Enjoy with All Senses

Biorhythm: the Chinese Clock

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), temporal processes such as seasons, moon phases or daily rhythms have always played an important role. Traditionally, an important influence on the state of health is attributed to them, so that they are taken into account in both diagnostics and therapy. There is a special connection between time of day … Biorhythm: the Chinese Clock