Oregano: Applications, Treatments, Health Benefits

Oregano is a medicinal and spice plant that belongs to the labiates family and is also called thoset, wild marjoram or Wohlgemut. The plant is a natural antibiotic and also has a strong fungicidal effect, which is why it is often used for fungal infections. In addition, it has a blood-thinning effect and is therefore … Read more

MRT of the abdomen

Introduction The MRI examination of the abdomen (also known as abdominal MRI) is one of the imaging procedures in medicine. MRI is called magnetic resonance imaging or nuclear spin tomography. The abdomen is the medical term for the abdominal cavity. Depending on how many hydrogen atoms a particular body tissue contains, it is displayed differently … Read more

Costs | MRT of the abdomen

Costs Private health insurance companies usually cover the costs of the MRI examination. The statutory health insurance companies require a corresponding indication in order for the MRT to be covered. Otherwise, the costs must be borne by the patient himself. In this case the costs vary. As a rule, 300 – 600 Euros must be … Read more

Contrast medium for an MRT of the abdomen | MRT of the abdomen

Contrast medium for an MRT of the abdomen In order to achieve a better representation of desired structures in the MRI, contrast agents must be used in some cases. This is usually administered via a vein. However, during the MRI examination of the gastrointestinal tract it may be necessary to drink contrast medium. This then … Read more

Sellink-MRI | MRT of the abdomen

Sellink-MRI The MRI sellink examination is a special MRI examination of the small intestine. The duodenum and large intestine can be easily seen with an endoscope, but the remaining part of the small intestine is not accessible with an endoscope, so that the MRI must be used for this purpose. This is possible with the … Read more

Fenugreek: Applications, Treatments, Health Benefits

Fenugreek is a medicinal plant with positive effects on various medical conditions. In Germany, it is primarily used against loss of appetite or for skin complaints. The folk medicine as well as the international research know further fields of application. Occurrence and cultivation of fenugreek. From the flowers develop the 7 to 12 centimeters long … Read more

Medicines for gastrointestinal disorders

Introduction There are various drugs for gastrointestinal diseases, which are prescribed by the doctor depending on the type of disease and intensity. Depending on which gastrointestinal disease (gastrointestinal disorder) the patient suffers from, different medications can be used. Drugs for gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea or nausea are particularly common. However, there are also very … Read more

Taking medication during breastfeeding | Medicines for gastrointestinal disorders

Taking medication during breastfeeding Breastfeeding patients often have the problem that they do not know exactly which medication they can take without harming their child. Some medications for gastrointestinal diseases have the property that they are absorbed into the breast milk and thus the patient unconsciously passes on the active ingredient of the medication to … Read more

Drugs for a tapeworm | Medicines for gastrointestinal disorders

Drugs for a tapeworm There are different forms of tapeworm infection. Depending on the animal in which the patient has been infected, there are also different medications for the gastrointestinal diseases. In the case of a porcine tapeworm infection, medicines against worms are used. These drugs against gastrointestinal diseases are called antihelmintics (worming drugs). In … Read more