Physiotherapy for neurological diseases

Neurological diseases affect the nervous system of our body. Our nervous system is divided into: The CNS is formed by the brain and the spinal cord. The peripheral (“distant”, “remote”) nervous system from all nerve tracts of our body, which, coming from the spinal cord, pulls into any area of our body and transmits information … Read more

Twitching of the eyelid

A twitching eyelid is popularly known as a nervous eye. This describes possible triggers, such as stress or emotional strain. One speaks of a nervous eye when the eye muscles contract suddenly and without conscious control. In principle, all muscle groups of the body can be affected. The causes of a twitching eyelid are usually … Read more

Associated symptoms | Twitching of the eyelid

Associated symptoms In the case of a twitching eyelid, the muscles around the eye contract without the affected person being able to control it. This is often caused by a temporary malfunction of the associated nerve. If stress and psychological strain are the triggers, patients often complain about the typical accompanying symptoms such as tiredness, … Read more

Therapy options | Twitching of the eyelid

Therapy options A twitching eye is in most cases not dangerous and has no disease value. Nevertheless, many affected people find it extremely stressful when the eye muscle culture twitches uncontrollably. The therapy of a twitching eye depends on the cause. These are very often stress or emotional strain. There are studies that have shown … Read more