Cranio-sacral therapy

Synonyms Latin Cranium = skull and Os sacrum = sacrum: cranio-sacral therapy = “cranio-sacral therapy”; also craniosacral therapy or craniosacral osteopathy Introduction Craniosacral therapy (cranio-sacral therapy) is a gentle, manual form of treatment (performed with the hands), which is a branch of osteopathy. It is an alternative healing method to alleviate physical and mental illnesses. … Read more

General physiotherapy

Note This is an additional page on our topic: Physiotherapy Active physiotherapy General physiotherapy comprises a variety of treatment methods and techniques that affect the entire locomotor system of the body and are combined in a physiotherapeutic treatment depending on the patient’s problems and findings. For example, the passive movement and positioning of a paralyzed … Read more

Connective Tissue Massage

Introduction The connective tissue massage belongs to the reflex zone massages and is also called subcutaneous reflex therapy. It is a manual stimulation therapy that starts at the back and is based on a stroke and pull technique. The idea behind the massage is that the treatment not only has a local effect, but can … Read more

When should connective tissue massages not be performed? | Connective Tissue Massage

When should connective tissue massages not be performed? In principle, the connective tissue massage is free of side effects, but should be avoided with certain diseases. Contraindications or diseases for which one should consult his treating doctor before using a connective tissue massage are Acute inflammatory processes Cardiovascular diseases Cancer diseases An acute asthma attack … Read more