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Endurance in sport is definitely more than a monotonous 10km run. Endurance is such a broad field that the sprint over 100 meters is as much a part of endurance as an iron man over more than 10 hours. Even in weight training, there are exercises that can be explained with the help of endurance. To have a good endurance ability is also able to increase the ability to regenerate and the psychological resilience.


Endurance as a motor ability is defined in the conditional area as the ability to maintain an athletic load for as long as possible, to delay the loss of performance caused by fatigue for a long time and to be able to regenerate quickly after athletic loads.

Endurance performance

An endurance performance is a performance that is achieved over a longer period of time without the performance being interrupted by excessive fatigue. The fatigue can occur both mentally and physically. With endurance performance, the heart rate, lung function and blood pressure are increased.

However, the musculature only tires late. One speaks of a so-called steady state in aerobic endurance. Here, there is so little lactate that it can be directly metabolized again and fatigue does not occur. Outside of the steady state, lactate accumulates in the muscle, causes muscle burning and a loss of performance. An endurance performance can be regarded as a long continuous performance, but also interval work over a long period of time corresponds to an endurance performance.


Endurance is basically divided into two areas. 1. the basic endurance represents a basis for endurance performance. This includes all forms of sports and health, preventive sports, rehabilitation sports and the development of general fitness.

In addition, basic endurance is a prerequisite for the development of further endurance performance capabilities. This means that a 100 metre runner needs basic endurance to the same extent as a cyclist. The acquisition of a solid basic endurance is not specific to any particular sport and is usually acquired by running, swimming and cycling.

2. however, if the development of endurance aims at the performance in a specific sport such as tennis, football, handball, swimming etc., this is called specific endurance. Here, the training of endurance must above all be geared to the respective type of sport. As a result, specific endurance is divided into short-term endurance, medium-term endurance and long-term endurance.

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Which sports fall under endurance sports

Typical endurance sports are e.g. also in football or handball endurance performances are performed, however, here rather the alternation of strength and speed and stamina is in the foreground. It is less a pure endurance performance where the pulse rate remains realistically constant over a long period of time (less than several hours), just like other cardiovascular parameters. – Hiking

  • Walking
  • Long distance running
  • Jogging, road cycling
  • Swimming
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Triathlon
  • Rowing
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