Synonyms Lat. = trachea; function trachea, anatomy trachea Definition Together with the bronchi and lungs, the trachea is one of the lower airways and connects the nasopharynx with the lungs. The windpipe is located in the throat below the larynx and in the thorax. Breathing air makes its way from the nasal cavity via the … Windpipe

Pain of the windpipe | Windpipe

Pain of the windpipe Tracheal pain can have many different causes. One of the most common causes is inflammation of the airways. In the case of pain in the area of the trachea, the inflammation is most likely to be located in the area of the throat, larynx or upper trachea. Possible pathogens are viruses, … Pain of the windpipe | Windpipe

The tracheotomy | Windpipe

The tracheotomy A tracheotomy is an artificial opening of the windpipe. A kind of tube/cannula is then inserted into this opening, which connects the trachea with the outside world and keeps the incision open. This tube, which directs the air through the incision in the trachea into the lungs, is called a “tracheostoma” in medical … The tracheotomy | Windpipe

Vocal cord

Synonyms Ligamentum vocale, Ligamenta vocalia (plural) Anatomy Like other ligaments in the body, the vocal cords consist of elastic connective tissue. Every healthy person has two vocal chords. These are part of the vocal folds, which are located in the larynx – as vibrating structures of the vocal apparatus (glottis). The vocal chords lie on … Vocal cord

Vocal chord inflammation | Vocal cord

Vocal chord inflammation Inflammation of the vocal chords can have various causes. Inflammation caused by viruses is distinguished from inflammation caused by repeated irritation or misuse (incorrect singing or walking technique). The symptoms of an inflammation of the vocal cords are manifold. Often vocal chord inflammation leads to hoarseness or to a compulsion to clear … Vocal chord inflammation | Vocal cord

Hoarseness | Vocal cord

Hoarseness Hoarseness is a change or a disturbance of the voice. Most of the time the voice sounds rough or busy. Hoarseness is caused by a lack of mobility of the vocal cords. This disturbs the vibration of the vocal cords produced by air and thus also the voice formation. Hoarseness can have many causes. … Hoarseness | Vocal cord

Vocal cord leukoplakia | Vocal cord

Vocal cord leukoplakia Vocal cord leukoplakia refers to the increased cornification of the mucous membrane of the vocal cords. The increase in keratinization occurs as a reaction to chronic irritation of the vocal cords, for example through smoking cigarettes or pipes. Excessive consumption of alcohol or recurrent inflammation can also promote the development of vocal … Vocal cord leukoplakia | Vocal cord


Synonyms Adam’s apple, glottis, epiglottis, laryngitis, cancer of the throat, croup, pseudocroup Medical: Larynx General information The larynx connects the pharynx with the trachea. It is mainly used for breathing and voice formation. It is also involved in the swallowing process and acts as a valve to prevent food and drink from entering the deeper … Larynx

Pain of the larynx | Larynx

Pain of the larynx When the larynx hurts, there can be many different causes. A harmless cold can sometimes cause pain in the larynx. Also mostly harmless is laryngitis, which can be caused by viruses, bacteria or external influences such as smoking. It usually heals without complications. A more dangerous disease is the inflammation of … Pain of the larynx | Larynx

Summary | The throat

Summary The throat is the connection between mouth or nose and the trachea or esophagus. It is a 12-15 cm long muscle tube that serves to transport air and food. The soft palate and the epiglottis serve as important auxiliary structures to coordinate the way from the mouth to the lungs or stomach.The pharynx is … Summary | The throat

The throat

Introduction The pharynx is the section between the oral cavity and the oesophagus or trachea. It is divided into different levels, serves for the transport of food and is part of the respiratory tract. It is also colloquially known as the upper airway. Due to the upright posture of the human being, the throat is … The throat

Throat layers | The throat

Throat layers The entire throat is lined with mucous membrane. Depending on the section of the throat, this mucosa has a different structure and different functions. In the region of the nasopharynx, the mucosa consists of ciliated epithelial cells and goblet cells. These are used to remove smaller dust particles from the air we breathe … Throat layers | The throat