Acupuncture Smoking

We have known that smoking is harmful not only since it is clearly noted on cigarette packets. Many people therefore also decide to give up smoking. But that is often easier said than done.

As long as everything goes according to plan, there is no art in giving up smoking. But when does it? You get upset over every little thing.

Your heart is beating like crazy; a feeling of inner restlessness and nervousness is driving you up the walls. You can no longer concentrate on anything. Sweating always occurs just when you need it the least.

In everyday life, at work, situations arise again and again that the die-hard smoker can only cope with with the help of a cigarette. For the really determined there is a promising help: implant acupuncture. Again, permanent needles are placed in the ear at very specific points.

These implants help beyond the physical withdrawal of the first three weeks and are effective for another three years – because that is how long it takes for the body’s metabolism to adjust to not smoking again. The withdrawal symptoms can be successfully controlled with acupuncture. Especially the strong nervousness, overstimulation and the inability to concentrate respond very well to acupuncture.

Physical withdrawal is made easier. In addition to the actual nicotine addiction points, reflex points are activated, which can also regulate psychological dependence. However, this does not replace the own will to stop.

An acupuncture session against nicotine addiction costs 50 Euros on average. This corresponds to the price of 10-12 packets of cigarettes, which you would have bought anyway. Often one session is enough, sometimes two to three sessions are needed and in the rarest cases 4 to max.

6 sessions are necessary. 95% of all smokers manage to stop smoking by acupuncture. The success rate speaks for itself.