Trees with Healing Powers

Trees are not only beautiful to look at. They also have high symbolic power, provide air to breathe and enrich the medicine cabinet with their healing substances. If you are looking for peace, go to the forest. For many people, trees are an energizing refuge. Their sometimes imposing size and long lifespan contribute to the … Read more

Trees with Healing Powers: Ginkgo to Horse Chestnut

Origin: Whoever talks about elephant ear or duck foot tree means the ginkgo tree, native to China and Japan. It belongs to both coniferous and deciduous trees, given the particular nature of its leaves. Ginkgo trees seem indestructible, having existed a good 300 million years ago. The first sprouting green in Hiroshima after the atomic … Read more

Trees with Healing Powers: Saw Palmetto to Cinnamon

Origin: the shrubby palm grows near the coast in the southern part of North America. The ripe, air-dried fruits are used for medicinal purposes. Effect: The main ingredients and active substances are steroids. They counteract male hormones and can prevent enlargement of the prostate (prostate gland). Discomfort during urination due to enlarged prostate improves with … Read more

Valerian with Calming Effect

In its history as a medicinal plant, valerian had to serve for almost everything. Thus, valerian was also considered an aphrodisiac for a long time: the recommendation was probably aimed at its harmonizing and calming effect even then. Although Romans, Egyptians and healers of the Middle Ages already used valerian root for medical treatment, the … Read more

Basil: the Royal Spice

Basil is a popular spice that is used, among other things, in Italian cuisine in the form of pesto or as a decorative decoration for pizza and pasta. The spice is also frequently used in local cuisine, and for many people the pot with the basil plant has a permanent place on the windowsill. But … Read more

Nettle: Medicinal Plant with Tradition

Stinging nettle is rather unpopular because it multiplies en masse and hurts unpleasantly when touched. But as a medicinal plant it has a long tradition and helps with rheumatism, cystitis and prostate problems. Historically, the nettle is a plant with quite an impressive career: the first poetic praise of the nettle was given by the … Read more

Dandelion: do Not Mow, But Eat

So much for weeds and rabbit food: the wild herb dandelion, native throughout Europe and often frowned upon as a weed, is experiencing a renaissance, as it has many uses not only in the kitchen but also in medicine. Its more than 500 common names indicate that the dandelion, whose botanical name is Taraxacum officinale … Read more

This Effect Has Ivy on Health

The ivy (Hedera helix) was already used in ancient times – especially as a painkiller. In addition, the evergreen plant was considered an emblem of life and in art as a plant of the Muses – poets crowned with ivy testify to this. In 2010, ivy was named medicinal plant of the year. Probably everyone … Read more

Tarragon: the “Little Dragon”

Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus), related to the common mugwort and wormwood, belongs to the family of composite plants (Asteraceae). Its origin is not clear, it probably comes from Siberia, North America and China. From the early Middle Ages, the Arabs also seasoned their dishes with tarragon. Probably the origin of the name “tarragon” lies in a … Read more

Arnica Heals External Injuries

Already Kneipp praised the arnica in the highest tones. The ingredients of the yolk-yellow flowers of arnica help especially with external injuries. In the naturopathic literature one finds again and again text parts, in which pastor Sebastian Kneipp praised the various effects of the arnica. Even in his day, it was a Kneipp classic to … Read more

Homeopathy for a boil

A boil is a locally inflamed skin around a hair follicle. It usually manifests itself as a reddish swelling in the form of a small knot. The skin inflammation is caused by bacteria, especially Staphylococcus aureus. Furuncles occur mainly on the chest, neck, buttocks and face. The inflammation progresses within a few days until the … Read more