Leg curl


The most important thigh flexor muscles are the semitendinous muscle (M. semitendinoses) and the biceps femoris muscle. They are located at the back of the thigh and cause the lower leg to be pulled against the buttocks. However, since this muscle is rarely trained compared to the thigh extensor muscle, it is often atrophied and tends to cramp. These antagonists of the thigh extensor muscles are trained by the leg flexor.

Trained muscles

  • Biceps femoris muscle
  • Slender muscle (M. graciles)
  • Semitendinosus muscle (M. semitendinosus)
  • Flat tendon muscle (M. semimembranosus)

Description Leg curl

The athlete lies on a bench, the heels (rear foot) keep contact with the resistance. The gaze is directed to the side. The resistance of the weight at the heel is pressed against the buttocks.

The yielding (eccentric) phase must be carried out slowly. During this exercise it is important that no pressure is applied to the patella. The thigh is fixed by a support surface and the weight is pressed against the buttocks.


Since this exercise can only be performed with the help of a training device, modifications are hardly possible. The use of an expander requires a very high level of coordination. The expander is attached in front of the body and on the foot, then the lower leg is pulled towards the buttocks.

Another possibility to train the backside thigh muscles is the use of an expander band. Here you will find detailed information about leg bending with the expander.