Sentinel lymph node

Definition A sentinel lymph node, also known as sentinel lymph node, is the lymph node that is located in the first place in a lymph drainage area of a tumor. When tumor cells spread via the lymphatic path, the first thing that happens is that these cells metastasize to the sentinel lymph node. If this … Read more

Function | Sentinel lymph node

Function Lymph nodes are the filter stations of the lymphatic system. The lymph is transported from the tissue and organs via the lymph vessel system to the lymph nodes. There, foreign bodies are detected by the immune system and can thus be fended off. Tumors can also form metastases in the surrounding tissue via the … Read more

For breast cancer | Sentinel lymph node

For breast cancer In breast cancer, the examination of the sentinel lymph node plays an important role. Since breast cancer often forms metastases in the surrounding lymphatic system, infestation of the sentinel lymph node is a good way of assessing the extent of its spread. Most of the lymph drainage area of the breast is … Read more