Parathyroid gland

Synonyms in a broader sense Medical: Glandula parathyroidea Beischilddrüsen Epithelial corpuscles Anatomy The parathyroid glands represent four lenticular-sized glands weighing about 40 mg. They are located behind the thyroid gland. Usually two of them are located at the upper end (pole) of the thyroid lobe, while the other two are located at the lower pole. … Read more

Diseases of the parathyroid gland | Parathyroid gland

Diseases of the parathyroid gland The parathyroid gland is essential for survival; a complete absence (agenesia) is not compatible with life. Accidental removal or damage of epithelial corpuscles during thyroid surgery or hypoparathyroidism can have serious consequences: The lowering of blood calcium levels leads to hypocalcaemia, which is manifested by seizures and general overexcitability of … Read more

Thyroid gland values

Introduction The thyroid gland is an approximately 20-60 gram light organ that lies under the larynx and surrounds the esophagus and the vessels supplying the head. Despite its small size of only 3x2x11 cm on average, the thyroid gland has an important role in the body. The thyroid gland secretes the hormones T3 and T4, … Read more

Therapy | Thyroid gland values

Therapy The therapy of hyperfunction is generally carried out primarily with thyrostatic drugs. This is the name given to drugs that reduce the production of thyroid hormones when thyroid levels are too high. Once a normal, i.e. “euthyroid”, metabolic state has been reached, further therapy depends on the type of cause: an autonomous adenoma, for … Read more

Prophylaxis | Thyroid gland values

Prophylaxis As a prophylaxis, the thyroid gland values can be checked regularly by the family doctor. All that is required is a blood sample and an examination in the laboratory. The results are usually available a few days later. Table salt, fish and dairy products contain a lot of iodine and should be consumed regularly. … Read more