Biceps brachii muscle

Synonyms in a broader sense Biceps muscle Biceps Tendon Rupture of biceps tendon / biceps tendon rupture SLAP lesion. Anatomy The biceps muscle (Muskulus biceps brachii), called biceps for short, belongs to the upper arm flexor muscles at the front of the upper arm. It is a double-jointed muscle that runs over the shoulder joint … Read more

Upper arm spoke muscle

Synonyms Latin: M. brachioradialis To the overview upper arm muscles To the arm musculature overview To the musculature overview Introduction The upper arm spoke muscle (Musculus brachioradialis) is another strong flexor of the elbow joint. With its strong, slender muscle belly, it runs along the middle of the forearm. The upper arm spoke muscle forms … Read more

Arm Flexor

Synonyms Latin: M. brachialis To the overview arm musculature To the musculature overview Introduction The arm flexor (Musculus brachialis) lies as a 3 cm thick and 5 cm wide muscle directly under the two-headed arm muscle. Approach/origin/innervation Origin: site of attachment of the deltoid muscle (Tuberositas deltoidea) Innervation: N. musculocutaneus Function The arm flexor (Musculus … Read more


Synonyms three-headed arm extensor Latin medical: M. triceps brachiiThe three-headed arm muscle (Musculus triceps brachii), popularly called triceps, is the only muscle that is approx. 4 cm thick and weighs 600 grams and is the antagonist to the three arm flexor muscles. A distinction is made between two short heads originating from the upper arm … Read more