Diaphragm high

Overview The diaphragm occupies a central position in the human body. It separates the chest from the abdomen and thus the respiratory and abdominal organs. The diaphragm is like a plate consisting of muscles and tendons through which large blood vessels, nerves and the esophagus pass into the abdominal cavity. It plays a central role … Read more

Diagnosis | Diaphragm high

Diagnosis If a diaphragmatic hypertension is suspected, this can be confirmed by X-ray examinations. The x-rays then show the displacement of the abdominal and thoracic organs, which are displaced by the bulging diaphragm. Therapy Depending on the disease underlying the diaphragmatic hypertension, an appropriate therapy is initiated. If the diaphragmatic necrosis occurs during pregnancy, no … Read more

Vascular supply diaphragm

General information The diaphragm is the most important respiratory muscle and separates the chest from the abdomen. Arterial supply The arterial supply (vascular supply of the diaphragm) is complex and takes place via four different branches, which are strongly branching. These are firstly the upper diaphragmatic arteries (Arteriae phrenicae superiores), the diaphragmatic pericardial artery (Arteria … Read more