Laser removal of age spots | Remove age spots

Laser removal of age spots

Laser treatment is most effective in the treatment of age spots. The treatment is carried out by the dermatologist and must be reimbursed by the patient, as it is a cosmetic procedure. Whether one session is sufficient or how many treatments are necessary must be decided individually.

In the laser procedure, the doctor uses a laser with high-intensity light radiation that penetrates the uppermost skin layers. There the age pigments are made to disintegrate and an inflammatory reaction in the tissue is deliberately provoked. In the course of this reaction, immune cells are attracted, which remove the decayed age pigment.

The inflammatory reaction can cause a burning of the irradiated skin area, and swelling is also possible. In the weeks following the treatment, the sun should be avoided at all costs and a cream with a high sun protection factor should be applied consistently to prevent the skin, which is sensitive as a result of the treatment, from reacting with renewed formation of pigment spots. A further risk of the treatment is that too intensive laser irradiation may cause the skin to fade too much, resulting in an irregular result. For this reason, only an experienced dermatologist should perform laser therapy.

Costs of laser removal

Since age spots are a cosmetic problem without medical significance, the costs of removal must be borne by the patient. The costs of the treatment depend on the size of the body area to be treated on the one hand, and on the other hand on how many sessions are necessary. A laser treatment for age spots on the face can be obtained for about 70 to 150 Euros, the treatment of the body depends on the area to be irradiated (from about 200-500 Euros).

In addition, the prices vary between the different dermatological practices that offer the treatment. One should not only be guided by the price, but also by how much experience the respective doctor has with the treatment. Furthermore, the physician should always take the time for an informative conversation in which he or she also discusses the risks and side effects of laser treatments.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E belongs to the group of fat-soluble vitamins and is known as an antioxidant, i.e. it prevents fatty acid oxidation in the skin. These oxidized fatty acids cannot be recycled by the skin cell and are deposited as age pigment. Age spots are the result.

A vitamin E deficiency therefore favors the development of age spots. Vegetable oils are particularly rich in vitamin E, wheat germ oil contains a particularly high amount. These can be consumed for the preparation of food or applied locally to the skin. They should be applied to the skin after exposure to sunlight. In addition, vitamin E can easily be purchased in capsule form at the drugstore or pharmacy.