Symptoms on the eyes | Symptoms of low blood pressure

Symptoms on the eyes

Symptoms in the eyes caused by hypotension are also caused by a short-term undersupply of the brain or eyes.This is why blurred vision, “stargazing” or that affected persons become “black before eyes” occurs. In most cases, the symptoms in the eyes are accompanied by dizziness and often occur when getting up too quickly after sitting or lying down for a long time. If the symptoms also occur when you move, you should always consult a doctor, as the symptoms on the eyes can have dangerous consequences, especially in traffic.

If the eyes are undersupplied for a long time, the retina and optic nerve can also be damaged, which in the worst case can lead to blindness. Flickering of the eyes (flicker scotoma) is a visual disorder in which an area of the field of vision is lost. This can occur on one side or both sides.

Often this imperceptible area is zigzag or star-shaped and surrounded by a bright edge. Furthermore, flickering of the eyes can cause blurred light or flashes. This is usually accompanied by light sensitivity. As a rule, eye flickering lasts several minutes and is differently pronounced in each case. Flickering of the eyes can occur as a symptom of low blood pressure.

Seeing stars in low blood pressure

Seeing an asterisk means that affected persons see bright yellow to white flashes of light. The normal field of vision is therefore severely restricted. Asterisked vision is often associated with dizziness and is a typical symptom of low blood pressure.

These flashes of light usually last only a very short time. It occurs particularly frequently when the body position changes rapidly. This means, for example, that you move too quickly from lying down to standing.

The blood sinks in the legs, causing a lack of oxygen and blood deficiency in the brain. The eyes are also affected by this. The retina only works to a limited extent, which is why the light flashes occur. Normally the symptoms do not last long, a few seconds at most. The blood circulation is quickly stimulated and the symptoms disappear completely.